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7 Ways to Survive Valentines Day As a Single Gal

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7 Ways to Survive Valentines Day As a Single Gal

Single ladies! Valentine’s Day is almost near. Don’t fret. Here’s are seven ways to make Cupid’s day just as special for you as for couples.

Valentines DayDon’t kill Cupid! Celebrate Valentine’s Day even when single.

In a few days, singles everywhere will be reminded of their single status. They will cringe at the sight of red boxes with bows and Hallmark cards. They will plaster a fake smile when coworkers receive a delivery of Godiva chocolates and a bouquet of roses. They will resist the urge to pop the “Happy Valentine’s Day!” balloons that are floating over their head when sitting on the subway. On February 14th, single women will curse the day that Cupid struck his first arrow.

So, what can we do on the day of love when we have no man to love? Here are some helpful tips to soothe the Valentine blues.

Remember Your Worst Valentine: This may seem counterproductive but thinking of your worst Valentine will be a pleasant reminder that you are no longer in that situation. Count your lucky stars that you are single and not with Mr. Wrong.

Celebrate the Lack of Pressure: Couples feel a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day. Buying the perfect gift and standing on a long line waiting for dinner reservations can be stressful. Expectations are also a cause of disappointment. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to think about where to go, what to buy, and how badly you wanted peonies instead of roses?

Forget It’s Valentines Day: Someone once told me that Valentine’s Day is just another day. That’s because it is! Instead of crossing out the days on the February calendar or stressing about your single status, think of it as another day where you are living, breathing, and loving life. Another way to think of it is as someone’s birthday. Plenty of people were born on February 14th, including my friend from high school. For a long time, when I was single, I’d say it was Valentin’s birthday, not Valentine’s Day. And  yes – his name is Valentin!

A Night Out with the Girls: Have a few single friends? Spend it all together and have a great time! You can go out for drinks, have a movie night in, or go out for a fun night of dancing. A comedy club on Valentine’s Day also seems like a fun idea. You can sit, watch, and laugh as comediennes make fun of couples and Cupid.

Appreciate Those You Love: Writing a note to loved ones on Valentine’s Day is a great way to embrace this holiday’s message. It isn’t only about romantic love. It is about the love of family and friends and appreciating those who support and love you unconditionally, whether they’ve seen you naked or not.

Charity Work: If you think you have it bad because you are single on Valentine’s Day, imagine how terrible the homeless, jobless, terminally ill, and orphaned must feel. Take February 14th and do something nice for someone. This can be a friend in need or a stranger at a shelter. It will lift your spirits and help someone who needs it. Most importantly, you’ll appreciate all that you do have.

Treat Yourself: Treating yourself to a spa day, a mani/pedi with girlfriends, a beautiful dress, or yummy drinks is the perfect anecdote for your woe-is-me attitude. If you don’t believe me, take it from Tom and Donna from Park and Recreation!

February 14th doesn’t have to be an awful day for singles. The trick is to embrace what we have in the present moment. So, put the clippers down and walk away from your coworkers flowers. Stop stealing from her box of Godiva chocolates. Smile at the man on the train that is carrying the bright balloons for his sweetie. Cupid will love you for it and one day he may just strike his arrow and poke you.

What will you do on Valentine’s Day this year?

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