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Super Bowl Sunday: Make It A Peaceful Day For Your Relationship

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Super Bowl Sunday: Make It A Peaceful Day For Your Relationship

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which can only mean one thing. Men will gather in front of television screens, hooting and hollering for their team and ignoring the women in their lives. Some women love football. For those who don’t care if the New York Giants score a thing-a-ma-jiggy (what’s a touchdown?) or don’t understand why they have to kick a football (this isn’t soccer, is it?), then Super Bowl Sunday is as exciting and routine as going to the gynecologist.

As women, we must go to the gynecologists annually, just like men must watch the Super Bowl that one Sunday of every February. So, how can women make this experience a little less dreadful? Here are some tips.

  • Get Together: Most of your girlfriends are either watching the game or pretending to watch the game for the sake of their significant other. Hosting a Super Bowl party brings everyone together, providing company to those who rather drink beer and play a round of Jenga. While those interested watch the game, the non-interested can entertain one another. Just make sure to have plenty of food and beer and keep the shouting to a minimum. Unless you’re rooting for the home team.
  • Sports Bars: If you’re not one to cook or have company, then head over to a sports bar with your mate and/or gal pals. This way you are out and about and can leave him to his game. If you go to a sports bar with your partner, you can entertain yourself by dancing to the tunes from a jukebox and sucking on chicken wings.
  • Keep The Talking to a Minimum: Women are known to communicate frequently during important events like the Super Bowl. Whether a complaint about being ignored or wondering why that hot man (Tom Brady) is a football player and not a model, we say something. Men just want to focus on the game. We can walk around in lingerie and they won’t even blink. In all actuality, you can wear a potato sack and he wouldn’t know the difference. Not when he’s watching the Super Bowl! So, mums the word and entertain yourself by tweeting commentary about the commercials.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is toenjoy the game of football, even if it’s just for Super Bowl Sunday. This, my friends, is called comprise. You may not sit through ESPN sport highlights, but why not snuggle with your honey on the couch (without speaking, of course) and enjoy football. Just do your homework. The last thing a man needs is to explain football terminology. If he misses a play you will never hear the end of it!And nothing’s worse than being reminded that he missed Hot Model’s thing-a-ma-jiggy because of your yapping.

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