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Cuffing Season: Having “The Talk” With Your Summer Fling

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Cuffing Season: Having “The Talk” With Your Summer Fling

Want to keep your summer fling for fall? Here’s how to cuff him.

Oh cuffing season! That time of year after summer ends where we huddle up with a special someone.

During the summer months, you may have raised the heat index with a fling. But is your summer lovin’ boo good for another month or two? Or does he expire once it’s cold? And what if you want more from your summer fling and he doesn’t?

Now is the time to figure it out. Here is how to have “the talk” with your summer fling if you want to continue seeing him through cuffing season.

Watch your tone. It should be one of ease with unwavering confidence. You don’t want to scare him off by being too abrasive, or sound like a creepy gal who needs the relationship to last…or else.

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Your approach when having “the talk.” Do not say “we need to talk.” Those four words are deadly, killing communication before you open your mouth. Bring it up smoothly while hanging out, but not during or after sex. Steer into “the talk” by mentioning the good times you’ve shared. Follow it up by saying you’d like them to continue.

But what if he rejects me? If he says no, dust your shoulders off, girl, and keep it moving. Remember why you started your fling. At one point, you knew it would not last. So, why beat yourself up over a relationship you knew may be short-lived? Another man will come. If he doesn’t make it into your bed by fall, fall into your own bed and snuggle up with you.


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Kattya Servellon is a lifestyle blogger, beauty guru and relationship expert living the life of a 23 year old Latina from NY. Get to know her and all her lifestyle tips on A Perfect Wreck.


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