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Shots! Couples, If You Drink Together You Stay Together

Shots! Couples, If You Drink Together You Stay Together
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Shots! Couples, If You Drink Together You Stay Together

A couple that drinks together stays together, so says this study. Some reasons why being with someone who drinks when you don’t may end your relationship.

Here’s to all my alcohol enthusiasts. If you and your honey bunny drink together, you’re less likely to tell the other to hit the road. Why? Because everyone loves alcohol! I’m just kidding. (Or not). It’s because getting intoxicated together leads couples to fight less about why one drinks and the other refuses to take a sip.

A study from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health looked at almost 20,000 married couples and found that the highest divorce rate was among couples where the woman was the excessive drinker. We’ve all seen it – couples at parties where one has a drink in hand and the other scowls every time their significant other takes a swig. That right there, my friends, is a tall-tale sign for “Sayonara!

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The study also showed that divorce rates are lower when the man is the heavy drinker. Why is that? Maybe it’s because women are labeled as the “nurturer.” We are supposed to care for the children and play house. When mom is getting drunk every night, it’s not a happy home.

But not all is lost. If you disagree with your mate’s drinking, you can find a resolution. However, the issue is much deeper if your partner suffers from alcoholism or has a family history of alcoholism. That calls for a professional intervention. If it’s not something that serious, know that just because you dislike drinking doesn’t mean your man or woman has to stop his intake. Relationships call for compromise and your issue with his or her drinking is no different.

So, should you join your honey when he takes tequila shots even if it makes you sick? Of course not! But maybe you should be with someone who is less likely to chug-a-lug every weekend. ‘Cause commonalities can make or break a relationship, even with something as intoxicating as alcohol.

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Ani Chakiryan

Ani Chakiryan is a 23-year-old Los Angelina, born and raised. She spends most of her time with her nose in a book, writing shorts stories and baking cupcakes. Follow her delicious tales and treats on Limani Cupcakes.


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