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Hey Mon! Why You Should Stay at Couples Resort Negril

Couples Negril Resort Beach
Sujeiry Gonzalez.

Ay Love!

Hey Mon! Why You Should Stay at Couples Resort Negril

Where should you stay when visiting Negril with your man? Here’s a review of Couples Resort Negril and why you should book it!

I just returned from an amazing vacation with the boo. Our destination: Negril, Jamaica. The resort: Couples Negril. Our mission: to relax, get a tan, frolic on the beach and with each other. Often.

Peace of cake. It’s Jamaica. Paradise. We just had to get there.

We traveled to Montego Bay on Caribbean Airlines. First timers, we had no idea what to expect when flying an airline that prides itself on bringing “the warmth of the islands” to its service. And they were kind. And thorough. I’ve never had a flight attendant tell me to “tighten my seatbelt.” Thank you for the concern for my life, ma’am!

They also served dinner. When flying, you’re lucky to get a bag of chips, and often not for free. I was impressed though I don’t eat plane food; it always smells like TV dinners.

We landed 3 hours and 45 minutes later. Luggage in hand and customs check complete, my boo and I were greeted by our Couples Negril bell boy at the airport with a, “Your vacation starts now, mon.” Yes it does! It was apparent when we stepped into the Couples Resort headquarters at the Montego Bay airport. We were asked to sit and have a drink while waiting for our hotel shuttle because, “You’re in Jamaica now, mon!”

They really do say “mon” a lot.

The shuttle arrived. Approximately two hours later, we were enamored with the resorts’ landscape and their customer service. As we stepped foot on the grounds of Couples Negril, they handed us cool towels drenched in eucalyptus oil and a glass of champagne. To the room, please! And what a room it was. Modern and clean, our ocean view room was the epitome of romance. Towels shaped as doves on the bed; a bucket of ice ready for more champagne; an all-you can drink mini bar catering to the couple: it was heavenly. My boo and I took it all in before taking each other in. Do not disturb, please.

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Once we came back for air we took a dip in the lukewarm pool, which is available to guests for 24 hours. We then grabbed a small bite to eat at the grill.The grill is open until 5am. At Couples Resort, you will never be dry or go hungry.

All around the food was amazing. I even had grilled lamb, and I am rarely adventurous with food (it’s not just plane food that I am afraid of!).

But that’s not all. Couples Negril puts the ‘r’ in ‘romance.’ With a multitude of activities, you can’t help but fall in love with your mate all over again. My favorite night was that of the bonfire. While a Jamaican guitarist sang, “You look wonderful tonight,” couples, including me and my boo, slow danced on the white-sand beach under the stars. Now that’s a vacation, mon.

The Pool

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Lukewarm water and beautiful surroundings make for a great and romantic scene. Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez.

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