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How To Take Down A Stalker

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How To Take Down A Stalker

Ring, ring. Reach for the cell. Look at the cell. It reads ‘Blocked’. Press the answer button.


“Oooh, aaaah, oooh, aaah, eeeh, mmmm….”

Either someone called while doing the nasty or someone with a serious case of food poisoning.

Hang up.

Ring, ring. Reach for the cell. Look at the cell. It reads ‘Blocked’. Press the answer button.


Silence. Hang up. And it happens again, and again, and again…for 5 months.

This was my recurring nightmare, only the Freddy Cougar of my dreams was MJ (and not Michael Jackson!). MJ was a man I met at Coogans Restaurant and Bar on a winter night. It was Dominican Independence Day and on that February 27th I decided to leave the comfort of my comforter and attend a free networking event. Initially, I didn’t want to go but my my work event was looming. I needed to sell tickets and gather vendors; my depleting bank funds depended on this.

There I stood, smooching with potential partners and creative minds. Three hours later, we moved the party to Cooogans. Four hours later I met MJ. 24 hours later the crazy began.

It didn’t take long for me to realize MJ was a bit off. After declaring he popped Ecstasy like vitamins, I knew his brain cells were as fried as the egg on that 80’s anti-drug commercial. If I were to remake that ad, I would use MJ’s photo as the epitome of drug use. And the peril that lies ahead if you give your number to a dude who’s a stalker.

Aside from his habit, MJ also shared his religious ideology, which I won’t repeat for fear of being hunted by a cult. Let’s just say the man was loony. I wanted nothing to do with him or his fried eggs.

I told MJ I wasn’t interested in pursuing a romantic or platonic relationship. He pled that I give him a shot; he really, really liked me! I stood my ground and didn’t hear from Michael again.

Until 3 months later.

That’s when the blocked calls began. At first, I had no idea who it was. I was frustrated and felt helpless but refused to change my number. I didn’t want to give my stalker the satisfaction! I did need to know who was harassing me, but how? I went on a reliable Google search and found the way, which I will share with you now.

Follow these steps if your Freddy Cougar is haunting your phone line:

1. Go to to unblock the number. For only $4.95 a month, your incoming private and blocked calls are revealed. Once signed up, there are step-by-step instructions on how to program your cell. Then you’re all set to trap your obnoxious caller! Trapcall keeps a log of all the phone calls you receive and you can blacklist phone numbers. If you blacklist your stalkers phone number, he will receive a message stating the number is no longer in service. Take that MJ!

Or not.

You see, some stalkers are extra persistent. Some stalkers are major league and have the patience and determination of a filthy pigeon (it’s impossible to get them off New York windowsills). Like MJ, your stalker may wait it out. I thought I was done with the harassment and canceled Trapcall two months later. A month later the blocked calls resumed, first once a week, then twice a day, then all day at all hours of the night. So what’s next? Step 2, that’s what.

2. Confront your stalker. Send him a firm text message declaring war! Inform him of your phone records and demand he leave you alone. If he denies it like MJ did, tell him you will go to the cops with the phone records. You’re not intimidated by him and will place a  No Contact Order against him.

The phone calls will then stop. You can sleep soundly now (you’re welcome!) because most rejected losers aren’t idiotic enough to press their luck with a resourceful and intelligent woman.

Unless you’re MJ.

He stopped for two months but two weeks later the blocked calls returned. This is how I spent the night of December 30th, 2010:

7:23pm: Ring, ring. Reach for the cell. Look at the cell. It reads ‘Blocked’. Press the ignore button.

7:37pm: Ring, ring. Reach for the cell. Look at the cell. It reads ‘Blocked’. Press the ignore button.

And the same occurred at 8pm, 8:20pm, 10:01pm…

That very night I received two more calls.  At 2am, the ring startled me. I viewed my phone with sleepy eyes and, when realizing it was Michael once again, I knew what had to be done.  I’d have to move on to Step 3.

I called AT&T and told them I needed to change my phone number because I was being harassed. They waved their fee as they do with all harassment cases.  Soon, I had chosen a new number.  I emailed my new number to some of my friends and family members and left others in the dark.  It was a new year and with it comes abandoning bad habits and negativity, including people who no longer need to be a part of my present. Now, I am sleeping soundly.  I no longer flinch when the telephone rings. I can enjoy a fried egg and forget about this unfortunate incident named MJ.

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