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5 Dating Habits to Kill Off This Halloween

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5 Dating Habits to Kill Off This Halloween

Take a machete to these old school dating trends! Read on for more dating tips.

Guess what time it is? Day of the Dead! Muahahahaha! (That’s my fake evil laugh.) As we know Halloween is a special time of the year for singles, as women slut it up (can costumes get any tinier?) and men grow cojones due to wearing disguises. On that drunken spooky night that guy you’ve had your eye on will finally man up and ask for your number!

Chucky Halloween

But, maybe you don’t have to wait for him at all. In honor of Halloween and Day of the Dead, let’s kill off some old-school and otherwise detrimental dating habits. I teamed up with Zoosk, the number one grossing dating app, to give you some insight on dating trends that just need to die, and others that might be worth resuscitating.

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A man should always ask a woman out on a date. 

I’m all for courtship, but this is 2015! Sometimes a woman needs to pick up her panties and just make a move. According to Zoosk, Latina women who initiate conversation online are 5 times more likely to get a response. So this Halloween take matters into your own hands! Or chop off his hands if he says no. Muahahaha! (Kidding, of course.)

Women paying for the date.

I say kill, kill, kill this habit! Yes, it’s traditional but this is one rule I won’t budge on. He should pay. You shouldn’t go Dutch or take care of the bill until you’re in a relationship. Let’s keep this dating habit and spook any men who tells you otherwise.

Being embarrassed about online dating.

I met Boo online, and I’m not embarrassed to say it. In fact, I shout it out on my SiriusXM radio show every chance I get. I encourage men and women to be proactive and try all avenues to meet potential suitors. And, guess what? Zoosk says that young Latinos are turning to online dating sites in droves. More than 63% of Latino males and 61% of Hispanic females tell friends and family that they’re dating online. No shame in their game!

Dating only within your local network.

The days of meeting a guy at work or through a friend are over. With texting, FaceTime, social media, and our super busy schedules, we need to expand our network when dating. That might even mean a long distance relationship! 68% of Latinos said they’d consider entering a long-distance romance if they found the right person. You might meet Mr. Right if you open your heart to the possibilities outside your posse.

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Waiting before making a move.

If you sleep with a man on a first date and enjoyed it and wanted it, you’re not a slut. You’re just a woman who knows what she wants and went after just that. The days of being demure are pretty much over. So, if you want to make a move, make a move. And many Latinos do! Seventy percent of Latinas and 82% of Latinos kiss either on the first date or at least by the third. I made out with Boo on the second. He made the move, but if he didn’t I wouldn’t jumped his bones soon enough. And perhaps buried them…muahahaha!

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