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Single Ladies! 10 Songs for Your “Don’t Need a Man” Playlist

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Single Ladies! 10 Songs for Your “Don’t Need a Man” Playlist

Tired of feeling down post breakup? Need a musical pick me up on your playlist? Check out these 21 songs for single ladies who know they don’t need a man.

Woman Dancing

Play that funky music and sing your breakup blues away.

For good or bad, music always sets the mood. A great song plays first thing in the morning and your day looks promising. Your exes favorite song plays while you’re getting ready to party and you decide to stay in to watch First Wives’ Club (my go-to breakup movie), eat ice cream and drink a bottle of wine solo.

But we can make music work for us when heartbroken. Some girls have a man-hating breakup playlist while others sway to a playlist of somber love songs. I suggest you make a “Don’t Need A Man” playlist.

Here are some of my favorite songs to start you off:

1. Work B**ch | Britney Spears: A current dance hit that reminds you to work for what you want. You don’t need a man to provide for you.

2. Let U Go | Ashley Parker Angel: Rock out in your car and remember all the reasons why you had to let go.

3. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) | P!nk: When you’ve reached the point of no return blow that kiss goodbye to the review mirror. Keep moving forward, girl.

4. El Chico Del Apartamento 512 | Selena: This is an awesome Spanish song to dance to. You meet a guy in your building and fall in love with him. You secretly want him and finally decide to tell him, but another woman answers the door and you’re heartbroken. Until she asks if you came looking for her brother. You see, sometimes our dream crush is available.

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5. Good Enough | J Wahl- Josh: Wahl is a guy who understands what it means to go through a breakup and realize they don’t deserve us.

6. Shattered Glass | Britney Spears: Being cheated on is such a betrayal. If you’ve been through it, turn on this song and realize that even though the relationship is shattered he’ll feel regret.

7. Cute | Stephen Jerzak: A song made up entirely of cheesy pick-up lines. I text the lyrics to my crush and it worked. When it plays, think of a guy deserving of a text like that. If you can’t, skip it until you do.

8. Since U Been Gone | Kelly Clarkson: Rock out because life is better since he left.

9. Goodbye | Kristina DeBarge: With a familiar beat, tell that boy goodbye and rock your “new single girl swag.”

10. Can You Feel It | Scotty McCreery: This song reminds me of that Southern country man that I wish will sweep me off my feet.

11. Boys Boys Boys | Lady Gaga: You’re single. You should have a song about the different kinds of boys there are to love.

12. Bulletproof | La Roux: Reminder: Next time you will be bulletproof.

13. Runaround Sue | Dion & The Bellmonts: Sometimes you want all the boys to want you and be heartbroken that you can’t commit.

14. Spice Up Your Life | Spice Girls: How can you feel sad while listening to this song? You just can’t!

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15. Really Don’t Care | Demi Lovato: If you don’t care about him at all, sing this one aloud and proud.

16. Mama’s Broken Heart | Miranda Lambert: This song reminds women to stay classy, even through a breakup.

17. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) | Kelly Clarkson: It’s true! What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. And remember that being alone doesn’t meant you’re lonely.

18. I Fall in Love Too Easily | Frank Sinatra: Play this before a date to remind yourself not too fall in love so easily.

19. Collide | Jake Miller: Play this song when you find a man who is worth colliding with.

20. Part of Me | Katy Perry: No man will every take the best part of you, ever.

21. No Scrubs | TLC: A classic and important reminder to beware of scrubs.

Ladies, you can also add a love song to this mix. It will be a great reminder that the next man in your life should love you and that you do deserve to be loved.

What song do you have on your newly single playlist?

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Felisa is a 22-year-old SoCal girl at heart who loves to write almost as much as she loves to talk. Within a year, she went from being in a serious five-year relationship to the single scene, which launched a passion for writing about about love, romance, and the dating scene.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Felisa is a 23-year-old SoCal girl at heart. She loves to write almost as much as she loves to talk, and within a year she went from being in a serious five-year relationship to the single scene. When she's not in school you can usually find Felisa around Phoenix, learning something new about the city and herself.


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