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Sexomnia: Are You Doing It In Your Sleep?

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Sexomnia: Are You Doing It In Your Sleep?

If he gets hard in the middle of the night and climbs on you, he may have sexomnia!

I don’t know about you, but when I am dead asleep not much can wake me up. Boo can poke me, pull the blanket off of me, and kiss me sweetly on the cheek, and I lay there like a log. When I am knocked out I just don’t feel or hear a thing. That REM sleep gets me good!

I may be such a sleepyhead that if Boo would  ever try to have sex with me while I’m sleeping, I probably wouldn’t feel it right away. Of course, once said intercourse begins I would be wide awake. That feeling is difficult to sleep through. Or is it?

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According to a study, people can have sex while they are sleeping and not even know it. It’s called sexomnia: a condition that works much like sleepwalking only instead of bumping into walls you’re bumping uglies.

When someone suffers from sexomnia, their brain is caught in the middle of the sleeping and waking stages. If your man is sleeping and suddenly climbs on top of you for some action, he may not actually be awake. Often times those who suffer from sexomnia look awake when they are actually not. This can also be the case if your man randomly jerks off in the middle of the night. Or he may just be a hornball.

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