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Sexolutions! 6 Tips for a Better Sex Life in the New Year

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Sexolutions! 6 Tips for a Better Sex Life in the New Year

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down a list of your sexolutions.

My sex life is pretty great. I get some from Boo on a regular basis, and I’m fortunate to achieve orgasm almost always. But, I can step it up in the new year. That’s why I now stand before thee and resolve to get extra freaky! Spanking, blindfolds, and skimpy lingerie – yes, yes and yes! Boo will be thrilled.

You should join me. (Not in the bedroom – I don’t like to share!) Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down a list of your sexolutions. Dr. Leah Millheiser, Nuelle™ Chief Scientific Officer is here to guide you with a few tips on how to improve your sex life this new year:

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Resolve for a regular exercise routine.

“Working out not only stimulates the body, but also the brain,” Dr. Millheiser shared. When you have a regular exercise regimen your body releases endorphins, which improves self-confidence. In other words, you’ll feel extra sexy, especially since you’re also burning calories and slimming down. That’s always a plus in the bedroom.

Get enough sleep.

If you’re tired all of the time, you’re not going to want to spread your legs and ride ’em, cowgirl. “Getting a sufficient amount of sleep every night increases energy level and mood; whereas exhaustion can negatively impact your sex life,” Millheiser added. So put down your smartphone in bed and get a good nights sleep. Exhaustion really is a mood killer.

Connect with your sensual self.

If you don’t love yourself and know your body, no one else will love you or please you sexually. “Building sexual self-confidence and self-awareness will improve your sex life,” Dr. Millheiser explained. That’s because that self-awareness gives you the tools to grab your lover’s hands and place them just where you need and desire to be touched.

Electronics go buh-bye.

Work on your bedroom etiquette this new year. I’m not talking about saying please or thank you after orgasm, just be aware of how and if you’re disregarding your partner’s needs.  “Keep the TV, technology, kids and pets out of the bedroom,” Leah advised. “The bedroom should strictly be for love making, relaxing and sleeping.”

Let your partner know what you want. 

It’s that simple! I know Boo wants me to kink it up a notch because we talk about our sexual fantasies, preferences and desires. “The more you discuss your likes and dislikes, the easier it is for them to cater to your needs,” Dr. Leah encouraged.

Heat things up in the bedroom with sex toys.

An easy sexolution: use sex toys this new year. Beginners can use a bullet, which is a small vibrator just for the clitoris. Check some out here.  You can also try Fiera™ – a “before-play” device proven to get women in the mood for sex. According to Dr. Millheiser, it “sparks a more satisfying experience for both partners.” Now that’s something to attain in 2016.

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