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Sex Advice: Giving and Receiving with Good Ol’ 69

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Sex Advice: Giving and Receiving with Good Ol’ 69

Switch it up during oral sex! Here are some sex tips on how to 69.

Oral sex is amazing, but giving and receiving at the same time is even better. I’m talking about 69 – a very sexy, sensual, and rewarding position. Here are some tips to make 69 more fun, easy, and enjoyable:

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Connect with one another. Think of the yin and yang symbol and become it with your partner. Pleasing goes both ways in this position, and in many cases just pleasing your partner is already turning you on. Many times I like to create a rhythm between the bobbing of my head and the lapping of his tongue. Concentrate on your pleasure as well while  giving your man an amazing oral sensation.

Don’t forget to pay attention. It is possible to get carried away when being pleased, and to forget that you are doing some pleasing as well. You have to quickly remind yourself that your man’s orgasm is in your hands, and you must take care and hold up your end of the bargain. It helps to use a hand to not only stimulate him but to also keep his penis near and around your mouth so that you won’t forget his needs.

Use your hands. Men love being touched. As you focus your mouth on his penis let your hands delicately explore the rest of his body. You can cup his balls or apply pressure to the base of his penis while you lick around.

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Don’t be nervous to get messy. Let your tongue wander. Don’t be afraid to drool; it’s better when it’s slippery. Once his penis is all slobbery, you can easily glide your tongue to the balls and even tickle the area behind it near the anus with the tip of your tongue. Try stroking your partners’ penis while sucking his balls and the delicate space between them and his anus. It will drive him wild.

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Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams is a bright, upcoming writer with a key insight on the dynamics of relationships. She is well-versed in Sexology and posses an innately rich writing style. Her extensive knowledge of psychology allows her to address the real issues facing today's society, especially women. Her unique talents translate into a writing style that is simultaneously compassionate and edgy. Sam is truly wise beyond her years and yearns to expose as many women as she can to their inner potential.


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