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We Live Together But Only See Each Other 5 Days a Week

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We Live Together But Only See Each Other 5 Days a Week

The truth is not having my boyfriend around a couple nights a week is not so bad.

Most people fear moving in with their significant other. Seeing his or her face every day and night while trapped in a small apartment could give anyone a mild anxiety attack. Unless you don’t see your live-in partner at all. After a few months of living with my boyfriend, I realized those typical “couple-living-together” problems may not arise. We only see each other 5 days a week.

Babe is a firefighter and works at the firehouse 24 hrs consecutively. He then gets three days off. And his schedule changes every week. Needless to say, planning a get-together at our place is a nightmare.

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Our loved ones also wonder how we handle our constant separation. Some can’t even imagine what I do with myself when he’s gone. For me, this kind of relationship works. The truth is not having my boyfriend around a couple nights a week is not so bad. You see, I’m what Destiny’s Child would call an “Independent Woman.”

I enjoy doing things on my own and having time for myself.

Plus, not being in each other’s face all the time is great when we’re fighting. It gives us the space we need to look at the issue at hand and later have a meaningful and thought out conversation.

Don’t get me wrong, our living situation does come with its problems. My boyfriend has missed birthdays and family gatherings, and I can’t begin to tell you how many parties I’ve had to go to alone. And there’s the ever-annoying day-off conflict. Sometimes I’m free and he has to work. I know it isn’t his fault, but I get super frustrated because we could’ve spent that time together. Sometimes spending time together gets really tough.

If we do happen to get a day together, there’s always a little tension regarding what to do. I want to get up early and go out on an adventure. But, if my boyfriend just arrived from the firehouse that morning, he much rather come home and sleep.

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There is one thing that makes it all worth it: that exciting feeling when we reunite. Those butterflies in my belly when we stay in to watch a movie feels like what I experienced on our very first date. And that’s better than a feeling dread due to seeing each other day and night.

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