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Want to Improve Your Dating Game? Be Sarcastic, Woman!

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Want to Improve Your Dating Game? Be Sarcastic, Woman!

My dating profile username should have been “SARCASTIC Latina With Cha Cha Cha” #HardyHarHar

“What’s your best quality?” my online dating profile dared to ask.

“I’m witty and humorous,” I typed confidently. And maybe a little sarcastic, I thought. I rested my fingertips on my laptop’s keyboard. ‘S,’ I tapped. Nah, let’s leave this out of my dating profile, I decided. I don’t want to scare a guy!

Or so I assumed.

You see, it turns out sarcastic women are better at dating and flirting. If I would’ve known this when single, I would’ve used “SARCASTIC Latina With Cha Cha Cha” as my username on my dating profile. #HardyHarHar

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Why are sarcastic women better at the dating game? Turns out sarcastic women are much more confident and, yes, intelligent. Makes sense: you have to be clever to throw some zingers. Plus, sarcastic women have a great sense or humor. Ahum, exhibit A, B and C.

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So, that’s confident, intelligent and funny: qualities that men love? Not all men. According to a study, men are attracted to intelligent women only when they don’t feel threatened by her intelligence. Same goes for funny women. He’ll find you charming and love that you make him and his friends laugh. Just don’t out-charm him and make him feel inferior.

“I’m not your comedy assistant, dammit!” he’ll yell when feeling like less of a man.

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In the end, it comes down to ego. Yes, sarcastic women are more appealing to men, but only men that can handle your wit, intellect and overall badassness. Figures.

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