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So Romantic! A Man Shares His Beautiful Proposal Story

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So Romantic! A Man Shares His Beautiful Proposal Story

Nostalgic love notes and surprise guests make this proposal oh so romantic.

I tell her to be ready at 9am to go to breakfast. 9am rolls around the next day but I don’t show up. Instead her sister comes to pick her up. This isn’t much of a shock to her; we go on double dates with her sister and brother-in-law often. They get in the car and head to her favorite breakfast place but I’m not there either. Instead, her childhood best friend and her mom are there to join her for breakfast. She’s a little confused but they tell her she can’t contact me, her friends or family, or go on any form of social media for the rest of the day. They finish breakfast (on me) and her childhood best friend hands her two notes.

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The notes are special because throughout our relationship she would write me love notes. I save every note she’s ever written me. The note she was handed at breakfast was one that she wrote to me when we were in high school. The second note was my response to that first note.

Next, her friend, sister, and mom drop her off at the nail salon. Waiting there are two of her friends from her hometown. They give her another note she wrote me years ago, my response to that note, and money to get her nails done. She cries from joy.

They finish their nails, get in the car, and she is dropped off at her future sister-in-laws house (my sister) where they spend time together, getting a massage and drinking a glass of wine. After opening her third note and response, they go to the next destination – The Melting Pot. All of her high school friends are now waiting on her. They enjoy the appetizers, dinner and dessert. She reads her fourth note and my fourth response. Two more stops to go.

They drop her off at her sister’s apartment. When she walks in, the place is decorated with flowers and candles, and there is a full-length mirror. Waiting for her there are two of her best friends from college. In college, they’d get ready for parties and events together. There is also a black dress, one that she saw online and loved but thought it was too expensive to purchase.

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Her friends help he get ready, give her the fifth and final note, and leave her with her sister. They get in the car and drive up to the old-fashioned chapel where her parents were married. I open her door, take her by the hand and walk her up the stairs and into the chapel. I tell her that I love her and that I want this stage of our relationship to start where her parents marriage started years ago. I get down on one knee, pull out the ring that I had made just for her, and ask her to marry me. She said yes.

After kissing and embracing we walk out the door, down the chapel stairs, and down a hundred yards to the nearest building to join all of our friends and family. I happily announce that she said yes, and we spend the rest of the night celebrating.

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