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Resting Bitch Face Is Real, Says a Study



Resting Bitch Face Is Real, Says a Study

The next time you see a woman with Resting Bitch Face cut her some slack.

Lately, I’ve met a lot of women with Resting Bitch Face aka Bitchy Resting Face. What is RBF? A condition that some women suffer from where their face always looks bitchy. They look like they just sniffed a smelly fart, and the rank odor just won’t go away. Much like their snobby look won’t go away.

So you can see how difficult it is to mingle with women with Resting Bitch Face. I don’t know if they have RBF or if they just don’t like me. I engage them in conversation and all I get is this:

Resting Bitch Face

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Eventually I stop trying. But, maybe it isn’t their fault! According to a study, Resting Bitch Face is real. Researchers discovered that some people just have a face that relays contempt. They don’t intend that to be the case. Some involuntary expressions include: one side of the lip pulled back slightly and squinty eyes.

Another discovery: RBF isn’t just a female condition; both men and women can be afflicted. Exhibit A:

Resting Bitch Face kanye

So let’s not classify this as a woman thing, please. We get enough crap as it is! Also, the next time you see a woman with Resting Bitch Face, cut her some slack. Maybe she just can’t help it.

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