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Why Men Choose Ms. Good for Nada & Not Ms. Good Woman

Mean Woman
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Why Men Choose Ms. Good for Nada & Not Ms. Good Woman

We see it all the time: he falls for the bad girl. A guy tells us why.

Every man wants a good woman, right? A woman who takes care of us, loves us, treats us with respect and kindness, and needs us? You damn skippy. Yet, some men choose Ms. Good for Nothing over Ms. Good Woman.

Scratches head. Huh?

Yes, ladies, I have to admit that my gender can fall for the charms of a bad girl. And asking why this happens is a great question. The answer, however, has always been the same, and will probably never change.

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First, to some guys, good women are boring. The hardworking, respectful, selective, down-to-earth and great-head-on-her shoulders woman can feel unexciting to us. And it’s shitty, I know. You are lovable, faithful, responsible, nurturing, and loyal. You have a career, take care of the kids (if you have them), take care of the house, and have your priorities straight. You don’t want to waste your time or play around. And that gives off a signal to men: she’s tough as nails and no fun at all.

That’s when Ms. Good-for-Nothing comes along. She’s sexually adventurous, and truly open to anything and everything. She’s that 3 a.m. booty call. She treats a guy like shit but he comes back for more because some guys are just masochistic. It’s the same as when women want the bad boy versus the good old chap.

It’s not just single men who love a bad girl. At one point or another, every couple gets into a sort of funk: a point in the relationship where things turn stale. Either you stopped going on date nights, romantic gestures are nonexistent, sex has become routine (if you have any sex at all) – or all of the above.  So he finds Ms. Good for Nada to get freaky with.

Do other men agree? I got the scoop for ya, ladies. Here is what a few men think about men choosing bad girls versus good girls.

Mike says:

Ms. Good Woman is cool, but Ms. Good for Nothing is cool for right now. We’ll always fool around with them until we find Ms. Great Woman for Everything.

Ben  says:

Oh man, fighting is fun, and sometimes Ms. Good Woman doesn’t know how to get down and dirty, or take a joke! Ms. Good for Nothing can scrap, and the make-up sex is 10 times better. It may not be the smart (or right) thing to do, but it’s very satisfying.

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Anthony says:

Men don’t want a relationship with the bad chick; we just want to get to know them, sexually.

To summarize, Ms. Good-for-Nothing is the exciting romp and adventure that some men look for when things get dull or routine. This goes for single men, or men who are married or in long-term relationships. Even if Ms. Good Woman is fine as hell and so much fun, some guys feel a thrill when chasing after that other pendeja that isn’t worth much.

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Rich is a proud married guy and father of two. He enjoys helping women understand the mind of a man.


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