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Preventing Pregnancy: 3 Types of Contraceptives

Birth Control Pills
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Preventing Pregnancy: 3 Types of Contraceptives

Want to enjoy sex without worrying about actual baby making? Our resident sex therapist dishes.

So you want to get freaky but don’t want the baby that may come along when sexually active. There is a solution for that! We are dishing on contraceptives.

There are many types of contraceptives available to women and, yes, even men. The three that we are discussing today are the barrier methods, hormonal methods, and sterilization methods. Each method has its own unique, physical or chemical way of preventing pregnancy.

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods really work to prevent pregnancy. That’s because condoms and spermicide act like a wall. No sperm will swim through my cervix, thankyouverymuch! Condoms not only have a 98 percent effective rate, but they also protect against STD’s and STI’s, where as many other birth control methods do not. Spermicides do not protect against diseases but have an effective rate of about 70 to 80 percent. When paired with condoms, spermicides are effective 97 percent of the time. Some people may be allergic to the latex in the condoms; however, there are non-latex condoms as well, like Lifestyles Skyn Selection Condoms. Condoms are also great for the many forgetful women who cannot seem to keep track of taking their birth control pill! Or those who rather not take The Pill at all.

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Hormonal Methods

If you do not enjoy having sex with condoms, or have a very spontaneous personality, you may want to try birth control pills. Depending on your body and allergies, your gynecologist can prescribe you the perfect pill. If you are forgetful, you can try the Depo-Provera injection, which is applied about every 3 months. Each shot provides protection against pregnancy for up to 12-14 weeks. There is also The Patch. Regardless of your choice, go over the side effects with your gynecologist, and know that hormonal methods do not prevent against STD’s or STI’s.

Sterilization Methods

Tubectomy’s or vasectomies are your last options. Tubectomy’s block the fallopian tubes, while a vasectomy keeps sperm out of the seminal fluid during ejaculation and prevents fertilization. Removing, blocking, or tying up your sexual organs can be 100 percent effective as a contraceptive. Like the pill, it doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

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There are many ways to engage in sex without ending up pregnant or with an STD. Just be cautious when choosing the appropriate contraceptive for both you and your partner. Ask your doctor and decide on what is ultimately best for you.

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Samantha Williams is a bright, upcoming writer with a key insight on the dynamics of relationships. She is well-versed in Sexology and posses an innately rich writing style. Her extensive knowledge of psychology allows her to address the real issues facing today's society, especially women. Her unique talents translate into a writing style that is simultaneously compassionate and edgy. Sam is truly wise beyond her years and yearns to expose as many women as she can to their inner potential.


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