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Online Dating: Does He Really Look Like His Photo?

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Online Dating: Does He Really Look Like His Photo?

You’ve ventured into the world of online dating and feel a nervous excitement with every click. Emails received, you skim through them quickly before clicking usernames. This is when you decide if you are interested, if you will reply to their email. You review their stats and are still intrigued, but, like most of us, you want to see their photos. With a keen eye, you review images and decide whether you find them attractive.

Is he tall enough? Is she curvy? Does he have straight teeth? Does she a great nose? 

Yes, you decide. They look great. And you make contact.

If all continues well, you go on a first date. Dressed in your best no-fuss outfit, you meet your potential something for the first time, excited to see him/her in person. He/she swings the door and you crank your neck to get a closer look. He/she comes closer, closer, closer…

He’s five inches shorter than you thought. She’s overweight. His teeth are crooked and some molars are missing. She has a huge honker for a nose.

Disappointed, the date drags on. As her nose grows bigger with every second or another tooth loosens, you wonder, how did I find him/her attractive in his/her photo?

They used camera tricks.

Camera tricks are used often to hide certain physical traits. It isn’t Photoshop but it is real! Here are some photo tricks to look out for when online dating.

  • The Long Shot: If every photo they’ve posted shows them from a distance, they are hiding something.
  • The Angled Shot: You skim through the photos and you notice he/she is always looking to the right. The face is slightly angled. There are no straight shots. This is an indication that they have a big nose or a pointy chin. They are literally showing you their good side.
  • The Hair in Front of An Eye Shot: Women do this often. They have bangs that fall over one eye. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have a wonk eye; it may just be their style. However, if there is not one photo revealing both eyes, I’d be weary of what’s under the flop of hair.
  • The Blurry Shot: You look at the photos and not one is clear. It is an optical illusion! With iPhone’s and other gadgets, it isn’t that difficult to take a good quality photo and post it on a dating site.
  • The Group Shot: They are surrounded by a group of friends in every photo. Many times these photo are also long shots. This may seem okay. He is just social! She wants to show that she is fun! However, the group shot distracts from the individual. And why would you want to do that if you’re on a dating site?
  • The From The Ceiling Shot: The camera is angled above his/her head. In the photo, you see their body but it looks…slimmer. Women take these shots often. Who wouldn’t want to look thinner?
  • The Camera in The Shot Shot: She’s in front of a mirror and takes the photo. Snap! Yes, you can see her body, but can you see her entire face? Probably not. The camera is covering some of her features. If all photos are of this nature, well, you know what to do.

So, keep these camera tricks in mind the next time you’re scanning profiles online. It will save you a lot of time when you realize he/she is less than meets the eye.

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