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Not Giving Up My Crown! Daddy’s Princess Meets Prince Charming

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Not Giving Up My Crown! Daddy’s Princess Meets Prince Charming

A Daddy’s girl shares her love for her dad and her boyfriend. And how they are nothing alike!

Growing up with a father only twenty years my elder was great but having a great father was even better. I am now twenty-four years old and although I have found my Prince Charming, I refuse to give up my crown as Daddy’s Princess.

DONT judge me for cherishing this incredible bond!

As a father he’s done no wrong in my eyes. However, I am certain that after thirty years of marriage my mother has identified flaws in the man she loves. But there’s no flaw that would knock my first love off his pedestal. The man was young, in love, and he stayed! He stayed to run with me and teach me how to get back up when I scraped my knees, to have the dreaded “they’re all trying to get in your panties” father-daughter talk with me, and most importantly: to provide me with unconditional love.

​Even during heated arguments, my dad manages to etch his stern words of wisdom deep into my soul. He’s just always right, and with him I’m always guaranteed to learn some darn lesson. Sometimes those words kept me from making mistakes, but most times I’ve learned by trial and error. I tend to learn the hard way, but my daddy still loves me – flaws and all.

A girl like me could easily ask herself: “who else could ever love me the way my dad does?” Truth is, subconsciously I probably accepted the notion that no other man would love me the way he does. But a few years back, I allowed another man to enter my life and shine his light on my heart. He’s Boo.

​Upon meeting Boo, I saw no resemblance between him and my dad – zip, nada, no way, no how! Yes, my dad means the world to me, but that didn’t mean I was looking to date anyone like him. I have enough with one of him. Today I realize that there are now two men who know I’m a crappy driver, that I misplace everything and spazz out but never actually lose anything, and that I’m a natural-born talker. Yes, I like to be heard. Right then and there, that is. (Doesn’t every woman?)

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But get this! They both hear me out, check me so hard all I can say is “whatever,” give me silent treatments that last 2.5 seconds and then tell me they love me- all in the same day.

​It’s clear to me that they’re both great men, but it’s not always pleasant having your man sound like your dad or tell you things you swear you’ve heard your dad say to you before. I used to have one person who could put me in my place, and now I have two. But you know what, I never went looking for it. Although in my eyes I have always seen the most amazing husband and father, I never said to myself “I want a man like my dad.” Boo just… happened. He came into my life to show me that there is another man who could love me as much as my father does. It’s a different type of love, and because I can fully understand and appreciate that for what it is, I am a princess and a queen and have no need to surrender either crown.

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Giselle Tena

Giselle Tena is a 24 year old hopeful romantic and avid sunset gazer from Venice, California. A writer/journalist, Giselle is notorious for always having something to say. See how loud it is inside her head, as she shares her thoughts on love, life, and women's self-empowerment right here on


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