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Ask Sujeiry: Is Not Drinking a Turn Off for Men Online?

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Ask Sujeiry: Is Not Drinking a Turn Off for Men Online?

Drinking is a turn off? Relationship advice to get love when online dating from men as a non drinker.

Dear Sujeiry,

I’m 26 and I just began dating online. I’ve been having trouble on OKCupid because I don’t drink. It seems like everyone that I meet wants to take me to a bar and all social activities revolve around drinking.

My reason for abstaining is that it makes me sick. I lack an enzyme that allows me to digest alcohol. And I don’t mind if guys drink on a date. I just don’t want to date a guy who gets completely wasted on a regular basis or pressures me to drink. So I need dating advice. How can I attract men who don’t really drink? How can I state that in my profile without seeming like a boring girl?


No Thanks, Drinks


Dear No Thanks, Drinks

You’re right. Our social culture does revolve around drinks. Happy hour, speciality cocktails, a drink at dinner: it’s par for the course when dating.

But you can meet men who don’t drink or drink in moderation. The best way to do this online is to express your lack of interest in drinking early on. You can even post it on some profiles. They ask if you drink right when you start filling out your profile online and what you prefer in a mate. Those who don’t drink will seek you out.

You should also tell those men who ask you out on a date. It can come up in conversation when you’re deciding what to do or where to go. Once drinking comes up you can gauge how much he drinks and how comfortable you feel with his intake.

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Also, make sure to take a light-hearted approach when it comes to this topic. You don’t want to drink. That’s fine. But you also shouldn’t put others down or judge a man because he likes to loosen up with a cocktail (or three). If a man that you date does drink excessively, it will be a problem down the line. So continue choosing wisely while remaining open to love.

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