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Millennial Women Share Their Favorite Thing About Sex

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Millennial Women Share Their Favorite Thing About Sex

What’s yourfavorite things about sex? Milennial women share and get personal.

Being a woman gives you the right to stroll down memory lane with a glass of wine in hand. One thing to recall is the sex that made you purr and had your thighs trembling.

I have my cherished moments. The ones I tend to dream about even when I don’t want to. Damn subconcious! No matter who you end up with in the future, or who you are with presently, your mind will drift to the time where you went “Oh” and begged him (or her) to “never stop.”

Let’s just hope you keep their names straight.

To discuss what sends me in a reminiscent tizzy, I asked women what their favorite thing is when it comes to sex. Here’s the best thing your sex partner can do when in between the sheets.

1. Thigh Kisses.

“It never made me more anxious than when [my guy] moved up and grazed my inner thighs with his lips.” – Dani, 25. Dallas, Texas.

2. Touching.

“Any way we can get our hands on each other is fun. It’s almost as if it burns just a little after his fingertips leave a certain spot. That’s the best thing I can remember to be my favorite. And it’s not something huge, either!” – Lisa, 25. Little Rock, Arkansas.

3. Cuddling. “For me, it has a lot to do with the intimacy afterwards. He’s actually interested in keeping you there and feeling comfortable with you enough to want to wake up next to you.” – Mary, 26. Frisco, Texas.

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4. Going Down South. “Foreplay involving tongue action gets all women really in the mood. Any woman that says differently is lying.” – Casey, 24. McKinney, Texas.

5. Orgasming At The Same Time. “It’s better being selfless on both ends. When he wants you happy and satisfied and vice versa. You know sex is about both of you.” – Katie, 26. Dallas, Texas.

Whether it’s your first time, a steamy erotic time, or the worst sex of your life, sex is something you never forget. So it’s better not to fight the memories. After all, they often bring a smile to your face. And maybe you’ll even purr.

A 23-year old out of Texan, Courtney enjoys day-dreaming about her plans to continue traveling and falling passionately in love. As an optimist, Courtney has decided to use her past heartbreaks and channel it positively into what she has always enjoyed doing most - writing!


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