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Save A Ho Complex: Women Love Brooding Men

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Save A Ho Complex: Women Love Brooding Men

Temper Tantrum

Pouting Is Sexy?

The Save a Ho Complex is a condition that affects women everywhere, convincing us that we can save a ho from impending doom. Who are these hos? Usually men with a myriad of issues, like the ones who still hang with their frat boys at the age of 40, sleep with a different pepa™ every night, or drink themselves to the point of black out. The ho’s that we, as nurturing women, want to salvage are men with “potential.” Bad boys with amazing qualities under their rugged, devil-may-care exterior. Pouty, brooding men who fear adulthood and act like boys rather than men. We yearn to save them because we believe they need a push from a strong woman. He’ll change his ways for me, she thinks. I’m special, unlike the other girls who couldn’t change him, another convinces herself. But nothing changes because a ho is a ho.

Until they decide to change for themselves, that is.

So, what pushes us to aid the broken ones? According to a study, it’s all about our attraction to specific facial expressions. The University of British Colombia surveyed over 1,000 men and women who rated the sexual attractiveness of hundreds of images of the opposite sex. In these images, men and women engaged in universal displays of happiness (broad smiles), pride (raised heads, puffed-up chests) and shame (lowered heads, averted eyes). The conclusion? Women are more attracted to brooding men rather than happy men.

Hence, our attraction to bad boys, and, in turn, our need to Save A Ho.

The study explains that women are turned off by happy, smiling expression as these expressions suggest a lack of dominance, where as an angry and proud expression exudes a sense of power, status, and straight up badassness. And, as many of you have felt at one point or another, a bad boy can be oh so good.

So where does that leave us in combating the Save A Ho Complex? We’ll have to find ways to resist the pouts, the scowls, the frowns, the mysterious eyes, and puffed out chests. We’ll have to turn the other cheek when a brooding man winks at us from across the bar.

Because I ain’t got no time to save a ho.


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Sujeiry is a natural storyteller, dynamic radio show host and the proud CEO of She's been at this digital media and content creation game for 15 plus years and pours her heart and soul onto - the only site for Latinas on all things love. After realizing there was a void in the love/relationship Latina media market, she took matters into her own hands and became the go-to sex and relationship expert on Latinx platforms. The former sex and relationship expert on works diligently and passionately to encourage women of color to be their authentic selves as they navigate all things love.


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