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Why Millennial Women Say No to Traditional Family Values

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Why Millennial Women Say No to Traditional Family Values

Until millennial women have their ducks in a row, they’re not thinking about marriage or babies.

Can you guess what’s more important to the millennial woman than finding a husband ASAP and starting a family? Everything. Literally, everything. Millennial women are focused on higher education, traveling, climbing the corporate chain, paying off their debt and finding 15 minutes in their busy day for a luxurious life-changing nap. Sure, we’re totally open to meeting men, dating and committing to a long-term relationship, but until we’ve got all our ducks in a row we’re not thinking about walking down the aisle or popping out triplets. Can you blame us?

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The world has changed drastically and millennial women don’t have it easy. The economy is slowly climbing out of turmoil, our college debt is there for life, careers are harder to come by and the competition is worse than ever since everyone is more qualified than you. With it being nearly impossible to survive in this expensive world, how the hell does one even consider marriage and children? Millennial women are dating to have fun, enjoy a healthy sex life and spend time with a romantic partner they love. Who says we have to fog our brains with the stress of an overpriced wedding and a money-sucking child? Can’t we just enjoy the simplicity of love and romance without the pressure of marriage and contributing to the world’s population?

Millennial women are also much more independent, and somewhat selfish, as they strive to extend their life experiences as long as possible by delaying marriage and family life. Marriage is one thing, but once you have children you’re life is no longer yours. My boyfriend thinks I’m joking when I make comments regarding my distaste for children. I’m not joking, I genuinely can’t stand them and do not see a future with them in my life. But, I don’t dislike kids due to their smelly diapers, screaming and crying, or their malicious sleep-depriving tactics. I dislike children because they enter this world with the sole purpose to take away ours. They obliterate every lasting drop of our freedom and suck through our finances. I’m far too selfish and far too interested in affording a home, a savings account, annual vacations and that black Range Rover I’ve dreamed about for 10 years.

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Maybe the millennial woman just wants to enjoy all that life has to offer and have the means to afford it all. We live this life once and there is so much we never get to see or experience. If we could do it all – life, career, husband, children, success – maybe we would. But maybe we don’t want to. Maybe we’re saying no to traditional family values and choosing to focus on ourselves and ourselves only. Hey, if you wake up at 40 and regret not having a husband or children, there are a lot of needy men on the Internet and lots of babies that need homes. Okay, maybe skip the man and take one more kid.

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Melissa is a writer from Long Beach, California who aims to bring out the humor and horror in modern-day dating. She believes there's no sugar-coating romance, and her writing brings out the raw reality of the millennial fight for normalcy in a virtual hook-up generation. When not poking fun at her numerous dating misfortunes, Melissa is often playing volleyball, attending concerts and cooking fantastic meals.


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