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Clean Up or Else! How to Cope with a Messy Boyfriend

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Clean Up or Else! How to Cope with a Messy Boyfriend

You’re now living with your man and have learned about his habits. And he’s a slob! Here’s some relationship advice on how to cope with a messy boyfriend.

When I began living with boyfriend, I got to know who he really was as a person. Like me, he happens to be very organized. At times, however, there is a bit of chaos in his closet. And I began to worry. What happens if our messes collide?

My concern is that of many men and women who live with their significant others. When we live with our mates, their habits and quirks present themselves on a consistent basis. This can raise problems in relationships, especially if your man is a slob and you’re a neat freak. Stumbling onto his sneakers daily (they permanently reside on your bedroom floor) may drive you nuts.

So, what do you do if your mate happens to be a slob? Here’s how to cope with a messy boyfriend.

Delegate household chores. This is a great way to get organized. Use a calendar or a blank sheet of paper and jot down what needs to get done, like cooking, laundry, and washing the dishes. Assign these chores evenly and alternate turns so that it is fair.

Throw or give things away. When you live with someone, the worst thing to be is a hoarder. No one wants to be surrounded by stuff that is just taking up space. Do seasonal cleanings and get rid of anything you don’t need or use. The Salvation Army and Goodwill could always use more donations!

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Be responsible for yourself. We are adults now and need to clean up our own messes. Make it a point to tidy up your belongings or “your side” of the room. To help keep you organized, assign a day of the week where you clean up.

Be honest about your habits.
There is no reason to lie about being messy or tidy. If you need help getting organized, or are a die-hard neat freak, voice your concerns and needs. Put on your big girl/big boy pants and talk to your mate.

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Kattya Servellon

Kattya Servellon is a lifestyle blogger, beauty guru and relationship expert living the life of a 23 year old Latina from NY. Get to know her and all her lifestyle tips on A Perfect Wreck.


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