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3 Ways to Let Go of a Breakup with Spiritual Practices

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3 Ways to Let Go of a Breakup with Spiritual Practices

You should never try to steal someone’s freewill and right to choose, but you can heal.

We all deal with break ups in our own way. In most cases we take the traditional route, which includes listening to sad love songs, eating ice cream and chatting late night with our best friends. For some of us this simply isn’t enough – so we turn to alternative, spiritual tactics.

I am not speaking of love spells or potions. I don’t believe in this as love is about freedom. Love is not something that you can “win.” And you should never try to steal someone’s freewill and right to choose. I do believe in the power of protection, healing and letting go for the sake of one’s self. Here’s how you can do so with spiritual practices.

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The Power of White

While in New Orleans (a city known for voodoo) after a particularly bad break up, I hoped to find someone to perform a spell to conjure my ex back into my life.  Instead I met a woman who told me how to quiet my mind and promote internal peace. The power started and ended with one thing: the color white.

The Practice

The color white promotes peace when you are in constant turmoil. To start the healing process, you will need white sheets, white pajamas, white candles, white sage incense and a clean dry white towel.

  1. First, burn the white sage all around your house or apartment. White sage is known to cleanse negative energy from your home.
  2. Wear white pajamas to bed. Tend your bed with the white sheets. And mediate every night while the white candles burn.
  3. The white clean towel should be wrapped around your head to drown out any “noise.”
  4. While meditating, picture yourself letting go of your ex in peace. Remember this is meant to cleanse and heal your spirit.

Dragon’s Blood Ink and Parchment Paper

When going through a heartbreak you are at your most vulnerable; therefore you want to be protected. That’s what Dragon’s Blood ink is for. As for parchment paper, it is traditionally used for spell writing. You will also need three, red votive candles and a picture of your ex. If you can find Dragon’s Blood Incense, that is a bonus.

The Practice

  1. Clear your mind and focus completely on the picture of your ex.
  2. Slowly begin to write a letter to your ex. Let everything out that you have been holding in. This is your final goodbye. Let him know he no longer lives in your heart. From this day forward you will no longer mourn him, no longer grieve over the things he has done. He is now powerless.
  3. Burn his picture and the parchment paper. Do this safely and somewhere where you can collect the ashes.
  4. Take the ashes to your favorite place, a place where you have memories of him.
  5. Scatter the ashes and repeat three times: Rest in Peace (name of ex), born on (year of birth) died on (date you are scattering ashes is). You are dead to me and shall never be in my life again.
  6. Make your way home on a different route which you came, and make at least three random stops.

Binding Your Ex

Remember this from the movie The Craft? Well, this is a very real spiritual practice and it’s fairly easy to do. You will need a piece of cardboard, thin markers, a black candle and dull or gray yarn. While you may want to do this right away, it’s best to wait until the moon is waning.

The Practice

  1. Cut the cardboard into the shape of a person. This will symbolize of your ex. Use the markers to bring the cutout to life and draw every detail of your ex (moles, scars, tattoos) you can think of on the figure.
  2. Light the black candle.
  3. Fold the cut out in half.
  4. Think about all of the things he has done to you while focusing on the black candle. It will absorb all of your negative energy: the hatred, the anger, the hurt. Cast it into the candle.
  5. Slowly begin to take your gray yarn and wrap it around the person you have created. Concentrate and say: You are (insert his name and date of birth). You have no control over me anymore. You will leave me alone.
  6. Continue to say this until the figure is completely covered in yarn.
  7. Hold the yarn-bound figure over the candle but be sure it is not touching the flame. Say: (Insert your ex’s name) I bind you, in the name of all that is good. You can no longer harm me. You can no longer hurt me. I bind you from my life. So mote it be!
  8. Do not discard the figure, do not show anyone the figure. Do not talk about it.
  9. Place the bound figure in a safe place and do not touch it again. You can renew this practice only if you feel it is really needed.

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None of the aforementioned will magically remove all traces of a broken heart, but it will aid you in getting closure. So, look inward. Focus on the one person who needs to be pampered, protected and healed: you. You decide how your time is best spent. Perhaps it is with your girlfriends or perhaps it is in white with Dragon’s Blood Ink and Parchment Paper. So mote it be.

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