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5 Women Share Their Craziest Dating Stories

Ay Love!

5 Women Share Their Craziest Dating Stories

We slept together anyway…vomit breath and all.

When single I was fed up with meeting men online to then go on a date and feel no spark. I also couldn’t stand texting. Time and again, I’d let men know: “If you want to get to know me, we have to do more than text.” Many refused to take it old school, and that’s why I left them in the dust! 

Still, dating when single can be much much worse. Take the crazy things the following Latinas have experienced while pursuing long-lasting love. Some of these dating stories are just insane!

Throw Up City


Mixing pleasure with booze can get quite messy. While hanging out with her date at Cinco de Mayo in NYC, Lourdes, 26, had one too many drinks. And not just any drink — she overloaded on Nutcrackers, an infamous and risky cocktail that makes a Long Island Ice Tea look like child’s play. “I was so drunk,” she recalled, “that I threw up three times by the time we got to my place.” For Lourdes, it was horrific. “I was so embarrassed!” What’s even crazier? “We slept together anyway…vomit breath and all,” she admitted. Ew.

The Red Tent

Aunt Flow Period

Getting your period while on a date when Aunt Flow’s arrival isn’t expected is the worst! Luckily, Katie, 22, didn’t wear a white bottom. “We were sitting on his futon and I felt warm,” she shared. Katie excused herself, ran to the bathroom and saw red. “This was our fifth date, I was planning to sleep with him,” Katie admitted, “but that wasn’t going to happen anymore.” Or so she thought. Apparently, her date didn’t care that she was menstruating. After all, it was only her first day, he thought. So they got freaky. “After we had sex he saw his bloody penis and screamed!” He was that horrified. Come on man! What did you expect?

Not Without My Wingman

have you met ted wingman

When Melissa, 24, decided to meet an online date she didn’t expect him to bring his wingman. There they were at a bar in Downtown LA: Melissa, Kevin and his BFF Rick. “I was so creeped out!” she exclaimed. “I mean, did he want a threesome or something?” Actually, it was more of a crutch. Kevin had been stood up numerous times before, so he brought along his friend in case Melissa didn’t show. “But I did,” she shared, “and his friend didn’t leave!” Instead, BFF Rick got drunk off Patron.

Meet My Cat Friend

cat attack human

What happens when you go on a date with a cat lover? In Tanya’s, 30, case, you get scratched. “We had been dating a few weeks and he wanted me to meet his cat,” she said. “I went over to his place where he cooked me dinner and told me his cat is ‘playful.’” What Tanya didn’t expect was to get bit and scratched. “Apparently, his cat likes to bite female hair. The little bastard chewed up my $300 weave!” From now on Tanya only dates dog lovers.

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Hello, Loose Tooth!

loose tooth

Before locking lips be sure his teeth are intact. That’s what Miriam, 35, learned when kissing a guy for the first time. “It was our first date and everything was going really well,” she explained. “When he dropped me off at home we started making out in his car and there were sparks!” Until she felt something on her tongue. “It was his tooth,” she added. “I can laugh about it now but I was so shocked that I pulled away. And even though we tried to recover, we never really got back on the right foot.”

His tooth was the root of their ending. That’s as bad as it gets.

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