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Ladies, Beware of Godzilla! I Mean, Your Mother-in-Law

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Ladies, Beware of Godzilla! I Mean, Your Mother-in-Law

Why are mother in laws so hard to please? A recent study tells show what they fear and why they take it out on their daughter in laws.

Run, it’s Godzilla! Oh, never mind, it’s just your mother-in-law. Yes, I just compared mother-in-law’s to a giant lizard that destroyed Tokyo. Because sometimes mother-in-law’s can be that bad. The majority of MIL’s are the overbearing, jealous, “don’t you take my baby away from me” type. And recent research shows why that is.

Sylvia L. Mikcuki-Enyart from the University of Wisconsin-Steven’s Point rounded up 89 mothers and asked them about their biggest fears when it comes to their children, especially when married. Results showed that moms were more concerned about their son’s getting hitched than they were over their daughters. They worried that their son’s wives would change their sweet boys. Mom’s also thought they’d see less of their son’s once married.

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But have no fear, moms! Your son’s wives feel just as threatened by you! Daughter-in-law’s fear that their husband’s dear mother will talk smack about them when they’re not around. They also fear their MIL will take over. It’s like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. That Marie Barone was a monster!

So, where does this tension come from? Neither party knows how to act with one another. That’s when the husband/son must step up and assert himself and stand up for his love. Men, your wife is a priority. As for the mother’s, your son will still love you. He may not come over to visit every day but you will always be his mother. Now, be a good mom and put down that nice Japanese lady.

What has your experience been with mother-in-laws? Share your thoughts!

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Ani Chakiryan

Ani Chakiryan is a 23-year-old Los Angelina, born and raised. She spends most of her time with her nose in a book, writing shorts stories and baking cupcakes. Follow her delicious tales and treats on Limani Cupcakes.


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