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Want to Eat Japanese? Go to Ichiro in NYC for Date Night

Ichiro NYC Food
Ichiro NYC.

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Want to Eat Japanese? Go to Ichiro in NYC for Date Night

If you and your boo are in the mood for sushi, this NYC restaurant may just do the trick.

As a proud Boricua, I love Latino flavors and dishes, but sometimes you have to spice it up – especially for date night. So I began to search for great and affordable Japanese restaurants in NYC. I stumbled upon Ichiro and told my honey we had to try it.

We arrived on a weekday at around 5pm, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first site, Ichiro looks like the average Japanese restaurant in New York City. But what separates this one from the rest is the quiet atmosphere, a catering host and really good food. It wasn’t packed, which was perfect; we desired alone time even if in a public place. So, if you go early evening, you can have the small restaurant to yourself.

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Eventually, local residents from the Upper East Side began to stream in for deliveries and to quietly watch a game. It was a bit unusual to watch baseball while sipping miso soup instead of wings and fries. But I like unusual.

As for the service, the gracious host and waiter kept our water glasses full and were more than willing to answer questions about the dishes on the menu. Whether you’re a newbie to Japanese cuisine or a sushi connoisseur, they are welcoming. The young chefs artistically created sushi rolls in the back corner while conversing with the customers in near distance.

But what about drinks? I got you covered. If you like red wine, the Harlow Ridge Pinot Noir was light and sweet. To my novice taste, it went well with the sweet potato rolls and chicken katsu.  My novio loved the wine as well.

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Overall, we really enjoyed our time here. If you are looking for a spontaneous, quiet, and cultural dining experience, Ichiro is the place to go. Plus, it’s cheap.



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