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Who’s That Girl? Top 3 Instagram Annoyances for Couples

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Who’s That Girl? Top 3 Instagram Annoyances for Couples

It begins with a simple “Who’s this girl liking your pic?” and ends with a fight.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many arguments my boyfriend and I have had over Instagram. It usually begins with a simple question, “Who’s this girl liking your pictures now?” and ends with us not speaking for the rest of the night.

Still, it’s nothing compared to the couple who fought on the comments section of a humpback whale photo.

I’m not sure what it is about Instagram that causes so much drama in relationships, but I do know the Top Three Instagram Annoyances for couples:

1. Liking the Photo of Someone of the Opposite Sex

It doesn’t matter which one commits the sin; the result is always the same: an argument. If he likes a woman’s photo on Instagram (especially a random), I go nuts. 25 year-old, Mireille, feels the same. She gets irritated, but tries to not bring it up to her boyfriend. “I know it’s stupid, but in the moment I get so heated,” she said. Everyone can relate, but no one can make sense of it without admitting to feeling a little insecure.

2. Not Posting Enough (or any) PDA Pics

It seems as though those I follow post the cutest couple pictures. Whether it’s having brunch together or just shopping, some couples often display how “close they are” on their pages. This is one that annoys my significant other. He gets upset that I don’t post enough photos of us and when I do, he says I write the vaguest captions. This kind of couple behavior has been brought to light by the now infamous Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris vacation photos. Let’s examine the evidence.

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3. Following Unsavory Characters (Like His EX!)

When my man and I first started dating, he continued to follow his ex for what felt like way too long. When I asked him why he shrugged it off. Allegedly, he didn’t even know he was still following her. I don’t even follow my first boyfriend – and that relationship was 8 years ago!

But, I didn’t just stop at his ex. From that moment on, I felt the need to go through every one of the profiles he followed and questioned who they were and why he followed them on Instagram. He doesn’t even know this “model”! What the hell is doing following her? I would think to myself. Then, if he did Annoyance Number 1, it was WWIII!

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Looking back on this behavior, I wonder how I had the time to be a full-time snoop while working and going to school full-time. And I feel silly! I’ve learned that I’d much rather spend my evening with Bae arguing over who really killed that lady on “Making a Murderer” rather than why he liked some unimportant chick’s picture.

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