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To Couples: Fighting All the Time is NOT Healthy

Get Out Now! It's Up to Women to Resolve Marital Spats

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To Couples: Fighting All the Time is NOT Healthy

Fighting couples! Check yourself before you wreck your relationship and marriage with these marital problems. Some relationship advice for couples who fight.

Couple Yelling
Couples who fight may be in for a rude awakening.

One of my least favorite sayings is “love is worth fighting for.” Just think about it. You are fighting with the person you love to prove that you love them. Confused yet? Yeah, me too!

Whoever said this must have been off their rocker. There is nothing romantic about fighting. It is actually very toxic. Fighting not only increases stress levels, but it can also lead to high blood pressure, wrinkles, and can lead to physical abuse. It happened it me. The relationship started out like a Disney movie and turned into Nightmare On Elm Street.

So, if you find yourself constantly fighting with your partner, reevaluate your situation. Is this what you want? Is your boo worth all this fighting? Are you still happy? Do you count down the minutes until you get to escape from them?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is time for my 5 Steps to Recovery, whether that means you stay with your boo or keep it moving without him!

STEP 1: What are you really fighting about?
Sit down and make a list of why you are arguing. Do not bring up that time four months ago where he ignored your text at 2AM. You may want to mention the time he blatantly flirted with your best friend.

STEP 2: Sharing is caring!
Share the reasons why you feel you’ve been arguing so much. This allows each of you to communicate and get to the bottom of it together.

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STEP 3: Give a little to get a little.
Sometimes you just have to compromise, even if that means cutting down on shopping sprees with his credit card or him spending less time at the club. Instead, learn the art of couponing. Get your burlesque on for him. It will keep him at home instead of spending money at the club, sweet cheeks!

STEP 4: The good, the bad and the “OH HELL NO!”
If compromising is not working, is this relationship worth saving? Get old school and way out the pros and cons. Some issues are manageable. If you have to swallow your pride so be it. If you find yourself just saying, “OH HELL NO!” to your boo’s constant shenanigans, you know what’s coming.

STEP 5: Final death match.
If you’re at this point, the time has come to make a decision. It might hurt to leave but your heart is stronger than you think. Besides, you have to love yourself first. If you are not happy with you, how do you expect to be happy with someone else? Exactly. Now, go reevaluate your love and be honest with yourself about the love you have for you.

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Kattya Servellon is a lifestyle blogger, beauty guru and relationship expert living the life of a 23 year old Latina from NY. Get to know her and all her lifestyle tips on A Perfect Wreck.


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