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How to Remain Faithful in a Monogamous Relationship

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How to Remain Faithful in a Monogamous Relationship

You love your man and he loves you, but can infidelity be avoided? Our sex expert dishes.

Being in a monogamous relationship can be one of the greatest feelings ever. Knowing that you and the person you are with are committed to each other can create a beautiful and harmonious partnership. But, sometimes trouble arises in love. You fight, you detach, you have trouble communicating; and yes, you have less sex.

When the sex fizzles in a monogamous relationship, some men and women look elsewhere to scratch that itch. According to a recent study, about 17 percent of divorces are caused by infidelity. How do you avoid this common pitfall? Here’s some advice on how to remain faithful in a monogamous relationship:

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Avoid situations where temptation can lead to cheating.

When in a monogamous relationship, try to avoid intimate situations with those you are attracted to. This could be an ex or a friend you fooled around with. If there is someone in your life that you have feelings for or with whom you have romantic and sexual chemistry, stay away! That temptation may very well lead to an emotional or sexual affair.

Dump shady friends.

Do not hang out with friends who may encourage you to cheat. There are some men and women who mask themselves as your BFFs and want to see your relationship fail. If your girlfriend is constantly trash talking your man or pushing you to chat up a cutie at a bar, she doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Let go of “single life” routines.

You need to be able to let go of some, if not all, aspects of your former single life. Your relationship should trump weekends at a club and “girl’s night outs” every other Saturday.

Face any relationship problems head on.

Relationships are like houses; if the foundation is weak or missing pieces, they will not withstand the storms and come tumbling down. That’s why communication and honesty are so important. The moment you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable to the idea of cheating, talk to your partner. Whether you decide to break up or reassure each other that you love one another, talk it through.

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Personally, when I address my partner, we find a way to resolve whatever problems arise. This openness has given me the confidence to be faithful, and I continue to only have eyes for him. Our relationship thrives on knowing we can withstand any problems that come our way  – together. And that’s how it should be.

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Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams is a bright, upcoming writer with a key insight on the dynamics of relationships. She is well-versed in Sexology and posses an innately rich writing style. Her extensive knowledge of psychology allows her to address the real issues facing today's society, especially women. Her unique talents translate into a writing style that is simultaneously compassionate and edgy. Sam is truly wise beyond her years and yearns to expose as many women as she can to their inner potential.


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