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How and Why to Let Your Man Be a Man in a Relationship

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How and Why to Let Your Man Be a Man in a Relationship

Women can and should be independent but sometimes we need to let men take care of us. Here’s how and why to let a man be a man in a relationship.

“I think one of the reasons it didn’t work out between your daddy and I was because there were moments where I probably could have made him feel like more of a man.”

This is what my mother told me when having a conversation about her marriage. And I got to thinking about how strong of an individual she is and how important it is for women to let men be men in relationships. While being independent isn’t a negative trait, my mom now sees this as something to be more aware of.

“I’m glad you didn’t get that from me,” she finished.

She’s right. In relationships, I don’t always need to be in the drivers’ seat. I love letting a man be a man. As my mother put it, men need to feel that we, as women, rely on them. While being female is a wonderful and powerful thing, we have to remember to use our feminine ways so that our guys dote on us while respecting us as equals.

Seems easy enough but women like my mom who are used to doing it all find it challenging to let a man be a man. Lets face it, times have changed. But, men do like to be “the man.” In other words, let them take care of you. Trust me, it feels really good! It doesn’t mean you are an incapable, feeble damsel in distress. If anything, you are a stronger woman because you are doing what you can to make your man feel good about himself.

Most men agree. Cody, a business graduate student out of Norman, Oklahoma, says that he wants to feel needed by a woman in a relationship.

“Obviously she can probably change a tire or something like that herself,” he begins. “But it makes me feel good when she asks me. Her needing me sometimes is awesome!”

Devin, a 24-year-old from Fort Worth, TX, also opines about men wanting to be men in relationships. “I’m from the south, I’m gonna help my girl whether she asks or not. I don’t think a lot of women even ask now because they are trying to prove something,” he reasons. “But most of us are gonna be flattered you asked and if we really like you and care, we’ll do it – no questions!”

Showing your S.O. that they are needed isn’t primitive. It’s not something that should only be associated with the southern culture. I encourage all women to stand back sometimes and let your man – or any man – take care of some things for you. Yes, you’d probably do it better and take less time to accomplish it, but that’s not the point. Who knows? Maybe your relationship will benefit from it. Also, how awesome is it to sit back with a glass of wine while your man does a little hard labor? I assure you he’ll have a smirk on his face because he knows you are relying on him. Another plus? While he is underneath your kitchen sink tightening pipes, you have the best view of his glorious assets.

Tell us. How do you feel about letting a man be a man?

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A 23-year old out of Texan, Courtney enjoys day-dreaming about her plans to continue traveling and falling passionately in love. As an optimist, Courtney has decided to use her past heartbreaks and channel it positively into what she has always enjoyed doing most - writing!


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