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Chug a Lug! How Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Dating Life

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Chug a Lug! How Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Dating Life

Don’t be that sloppy girl at the bar! Some tips on how to drink and keep it sexy.

Don’t play the blame-it-on-the-alcohol game when it comes to sex. There is nothing cute about liquor being your consistent excuse for sleeping with someone. Why must alcohol be the unruly villain that leads you into random beds with promiscuous partners? Alcohol ain’t no matchmaker so don’t use it as such.

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However, when used properly alcohol can be fun! Check out some tips:

Drink with your significant other.

Alcohol can be a nice stimulant or additive to a healthy night of sensual pleasures. You can have a nice night in and get buzzed with your love. Follow that with a sexy night of play in between the sheets.

An outdoor romp.

Plan a picnic for your man. Bring along some champagne and strawberries. Play soothing music to put you both at ease. After pouring the champagne and sharing a toast, take a strawberry and dip it in your drink, then slowly caress his lips with the fruit to coat his mouth with the liquid, and suck it off. Yummy…I know. Play this game right, and before you know it the bottle is empty. Where you take it next is up to you. But keep it classy, sexy, and responsible.

For the single ladies. 

You can date and drink without waking up with Mr. Regret lying next to you. Being flirtatious over drinks is nice but don’t down six Martini’s and wonder why he’s put off by your slurry pick-up lines. Take it easy with whatever you’re drinking.

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Even if you’re downing shots you can be sexy without being a lush. Knock it back then sip on a soda or water. Don’t go shot-for-shot with dude and find yourself trying to remember what happened next. After all, it’s much sexier and appealing to chill with a guy, get tipsy and laugh over cool conversation and flirty body language. No drunk stumbling necessary.

And, hopefully, this dating ritual will lead to a night of gratifying sex that is so intoxicating you won’t need a drop of alcohol.

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Zayda is a writer from New York who enjoys dishing on entertainment, pop culture and sex.


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