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How to Confront Your Man Without Losing Your Shit

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How to Confront Your Man Without Losing Your Shit

One time I spiked my phone so hard that it bounced back and shattered my windshield.

I’m guilty of having poor communication skills in relationships. I have a hot Italian temper and often fly off the handle.  If I heard something negative about my man, it was on! He better duck and hide because shit was about to get real – regardless of when and where we were. He was guilty until proven innocent. I was a straight maniac.

Now that I’m older I’ve learned how to communicate in a manner that is healthy and non-confrontational. Here are some tips on how to confront him without losing your shit.

Know the facts

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People love to start drama. So, instead of accusing your man of something over hearsay, do some investigating.  Gather the evidence before you present your case. Be ready for some push back on his part. No one likes to be accused of something, and he might just deny his behavior. This is where the evidence is critical. Gif by

Tabitha Bauman

Living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Tabitha is a self-proclaimed free spirit who travels extensively throughout the USA. She has a bold writing style and offers her insight on love, dating and relationships on and She writers from her own experience as an independent woman exposed to the world of modern-day dating. Her goal is to enable women to value themselves above all else and find happiness in this great big world.


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