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Fear Your New Man Will Click? Delete Your Digital Love Life

How to Delete Your Digital Love Profile

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Fear Your New Man Will Click? Delete Your Digital Love Life

When exes are only click away, it’s time to delete your digital love life so your new man doesn’t see. From Facebook to Twitter, here’s how to erase it all.

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We all have a past and some of us don’t want others to know about it.

If we want to make a fool out of ourselves, we have to be careful that it isn’t blasted on Facebook or Twitter. But how can we erase all the photos of us drinking and chugging? How do we avoid the ex talk with our partner if our dreaded ex keeps blasting us on Twitter? How do we protect our privacy (and our right to tomfoolery) in this digital world?

Simple. You delete your digital life.

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What does that entail? A lot of guts and hits to the backspace button. Here’s how to erase your digital life so the next man isn’t scared off.

Facebook 911
1. Change your privacy settings to private. Also, turn off the search button so others can’t find you via email or profile name.

2. Find out what photos you were tagged in, which appear in the photos tab. Remove the tag.

Twitter Privacy Isn’t So Private
1. Make your Twitter profile private. Still, be careful what you tweet. Even if your profile is private, anyone can look at your timeline if they go to your Twitter URL.

2. Do not use hashtags. Hashtags are specifically utilized to share with non-followers. It exposes you on a timeline with all users tweeting with that hash tag.

So You Love to Blog
1. If you really want privacy online then you need to delete all blog profiles. That includes your WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr accounts.

2. If you’ve posted in forums, try to see if you can delete your posts as well.

Surprise! You’re On Photo Sites
1. We tend to forget that images show up on Google searches. Make sure to delete any photos that you have added on Google Images and delete your Flickr account.

Now, perform a Google search with your name and see what else you find. I do this myself because 1) I’m a mini-celebrity in my head and 2) I want to know if anyone is stealing my content. Personally, I live my life online. There’s no hiding it but that’s the life that I chose to live.

If you choose differently, be sure to take these steps and fast. Remember: it’ll take time to completely erase your digital profile from search engines. So you may just want to have that talk with your man after all.

How much do you think we should share online? Share your thoughts!

Lead Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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