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Here’s Some Sex If You Get 1 Million Facebook Likes

Peter Kverneg Facebook Sex for Likes

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Here’s Some Sex If You Get 1 Million Facebook Likes

Peter Kverneg Facebook Sex for LikesSex is great. It can be orgasmic if you know what you like (masturbation, anyone?!), verbalize those needs, and when with the right partner. Still, how far will you go for sex? What would you do for a little skin-on-skin contact? Perhaps you will beg  “friends” on Facebook to like your page so you can get some nooky.

That’s what 20- year-old Peter Kverneng did. The gas attendant from Norway posted a photo of himself on Facebook. Next to him, sitting on his bed, was a woman blond named Catherine. He held up a sign that read, “Catherine says that if I can get 1 million likes, she will have sex with me. Please share and like.”

Talk about playing hard to get Catherine!

How has Peter done so far? The photo has 1,380,360 likes and counting. His story has also been reported on multiple news outlets, blogs, and websites. But the question that every wants to know is: did Catherine sleep with Peter?

“No, she won’t have sex with me,” Kverneng confessed to Yahoo Shine. “Catherine was never going to have sex with me; this was a joke that went too far. Sex would ruin our friendship.”

So, it seems begging for a 1 million Facebook likes won’t get you sex. Stick to the good old fashion way, fellas. Wining, dining, and so much more effort. 

Share your thoughts. What would you do for a night of sex? 


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