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3 Guys Share How They Knew They Were in Love

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Ay Love!

3 Guys Share How They Knew They Were in Love

There is no greater feeling than knowing the man you love loves you right back.

I’ve been in a relationship and wondered, does he love me? Not just love but in love. Not all men quickly utter those three little words; often women say “I love you” first, even when we fear our love won’t be reciprocated. Oh! But when it is, it feels magnificent, doesn’t it? There is no greater feeling than knowing the man you love loves you right back.

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The following Latinos have made their women very happy. They share how they met their love, and how and when they knew she was “the one.”

Rich, 35, Oakland Park, FL

How they met:

Rich, a Puerto Rican from Brooklyn, met Ambar, a creative Dominicana, in a very original way. “We were in Fort Dix, NJ completing a marksmanship exercise with our unit,” he said. They were both in the Army Reserves and were 20 at the time.

How he knew he was in love:

“I knew she was the one on two occasions and one pretty much cemented the other,” Rich recalled. “We went on a date to the MET museum and she knew so much about art and architecture, it blew me away.” Ambar studied dance and Rich writing, so the two had a creative connection. “It felt natural that we bonded in an art museum,” he continued. During the second outing, it was clear for Rich that Ambar was the woman for him. “We went to a fast food joint and were having a conversation about what books and authors we liked,” he said, “and she said she was a die hard Anne Rice fan. So, not only did she love to read, she was a cheap date. I had to have her!”

And he did. Rich and Ambar have now been married for 10 years and are proud parents to a baby boy and girl.

Dave, 35, New York, NY

How they met:

Originally from Washington Heights, a primarily Dominican neighborhood in upper Manhattan, Dave attended Holy Cross in Worcester as did Molly. When she was a freshman, Dave was a senior, so they didn’t interact when in college; however, Molly knew of Dave. Fast forward to 2012, a decade later, and Molly and Dave are at Three Sheets Saloon in NYC. They were at a mutual friend’s going away party and connected.

How he knew he was in love:

“I knew we were in love, like definitely in love, after we moved in together,” Dave said. “God, the place was always a mess. It looked like robbers found a way inside and were pissed to find all these clothes from the Gap and Nordstrom Rack.” He realized he could deal with the mess because he loved her. “Moving in and living with someone, learning when their energy is at their greatest and weakest, and learning about one another’s little idiosyncrasies can either make or break a relationship,” Dave mused. “For us, living together made us.” So much so that the couple is now engaged.

Jonathan, 33, New Jersey

How they met:

For those who say you can’t find love in the club, Jonathan met Joanna, an Ecuadorian and Irish beauty, while on the dance floor. That’s all they needed to begin their courtship and fall head over heels in love.

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How he knew he was in love:

For Jonathan, it was love at first sight. “The way I made her smile, how I felt when she looked at me: I never felt so connected to anyone in my whole life and this was just from a few hours of dancing and talking together,” he said. Their connection soon led to a romance, many life experiences and eventually a wedding. “She barely knew me and she helped me move,” he continued. “She sat with my grandmother and heard our family history – and didn’t run away!” After 5 years as a couple, 4 years as husband and wife and a baby boy, he has no doubt that she is his other half. “She is my dance partner, my 5am breakfast buddy after a night out on the town, the one person I want to share the rest of my life with.” Now that’s love.

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