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A Gift Giving Guide to Buying For Your Guy

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A Gift Giving Guide to Buying For Your Guy

Need to buy your guy a gift but don’t know what to shop for? Here is a gift giving guide for your guy.

Shopping for men is tough. When you ask what they want, they’ll say something stupid — like “nothing” or “socks.” This year, you’re going to up the ante. You’re going to get your guy something so awesome that you’ll forever be classified as “cool” amongst his friends and coworkers. Because it’s hard to go into this gift giving battle alone, here’s a guide in case you get stuck:

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Now I’m not saying that gift cards or cash are bad gift ideas — but I think you can do better, ladies. The next time you’re unsure of what to buy for your guy, reference this list for ideas. Prepare for a smile, utter happiness and a nomination for Best Girlfriend/Wife of the Year.

Sexy Time

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Who says you have to spend money to give a good gift? Here’s an inexpensive gift idea that is sure to put a smile on your guy’s face: sex. It’s certainly no secret that men like it, so why not give him some? Sex is free, fun for both of you and heck, sex will even burn some calories. This gift is the epitome of a win-win. Photo Credit:[email protected]

Tell us. What gift have you given your guy that he has loved?

Savannah Hemmings is a personal shopper and newbie lifestyle blogger. She has a passion for words, strong coffee and fangirling over New Girl. She also has a fondness for making new friends. Read more of her work on her lifestyle blog, SincerelySavannah.


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