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Football Season is Here! How About Some Fantasy Dating?

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Fantasy Dating

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Football Season is Here! How About Some Fantasy Dating?

I’ve never been a football fan. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a game. Still, I’ve always wanted to join a Fantasy Football League for the fun of it. I’d just lead a team to invite friends over and sip on Moscow Mules.

There may be a way for me to do just that – minus the sports watching. It involves love and relationships. I’m talking about Fantasy Dating.

What is Fantasy Dating? According to the founder and CEO, Suzanne Casamento, “it’s a dating game designed to empower singles to take chances, build confidence and dare to date.” How does it work? Much like fantasy football and other sports, players create leagues and earn points. This time you earn points by taking steps to meet men and dating.

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“The ultimate goal is to drop out of the game because you find love,” says Casamento. “But the Fantasy Dater with the highest points wins whatever stakes the league has set, whether it’s a spa day, a celebratory dinner or a weekend getaway…with your new boyfriend.”

Are you intrigued yet? Do you want to get a group of girlfriends and set up a team? I think we all should. Here at we encourage women to be self-first – that is to know yourself and love yourself so you can make the best choices in love and life. And I believe Fantasy Dating represents this. Suzanne expands.

“Fantasy Dating encourages women to take chances and dare to date. The game takes the fear and loathing out of dating and replaces it with fun.”

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And fun is needed when dating. Dating can get frustrating, especially if you continue meeting duds. But if you add your girls, it alleviates the pressure. There’s nothing more motivating than friendly competition.

“When your ‘winggirl’ is ahead of you by 10 points, it’s amazing what you might dare to do to earn some extra points! Challenges like flirting or giving a guy your number, which may have been scary before, become easier when you Fantasy Date,” Suzanne continues.

Now, I wanted to get into Suzanne’s head, as she is a savvy and fabulous femalepreneur. Why did Suzanne start Fantasy Dating, LLC? How did she get the idea?

“A few summers ago, after listening to my girlfriends complain, “I’m never going to meet anyone,” and “All the good guys are taken,” I challenged them to a little summer fun” says Suzanne. “I had come up with a game in which we’d compete to earn points by exchanging numbers, receiving texts, calls and going on dates. The competition transformed them from shy and whiny women to outgoing flirts. That summer, they dared to flirt with guys at bars, the beach, the gym, the farmer’s market and everywhere else they went. In just 10 weeks, they went on more dates than they had in the previous two years!”

So, it all began with a push and summer fun. Casamento was then inspired to create the website so singles could also dare to date. She also provides wisdom for fellow femalepreneurs.

“The little voice in your head that whispers, “You’ll never make it,” “It will never work,” and “You’re not good enough” is lying. Tell it to shut up and just do it. (And yes, that goes for dating too!).”

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She’s right. We can all be business women and successful in love. Her success stories prove this.

“One player hadn’t been on a date in a three years and began dating multiple people,” Casamento recalls. “One player met new guys everywhere she went, including the fish market and the gas station. And another player approached a guy she found attractive and offered to buy him a drink. They just got married in June.”

So, lets try this out, shall we ladies? I am getting a league of women and joining Fantasy Dating. The success stories alone are a great motivator. Besides, as Suzanne advices, “The man of your dreams is not going to knock on your door unless you invite him over. That means you have to meet him first.”

Are you ready? I sure am. I’m stirring a Moscow Mule as I type.

To join Fantasy Dating, CLICK HERE.


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