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Love Twitter Trends: What #agoodboyfriend Does!

Ay Love!

Love Twitter Trends: What #agoodboyfriend Does!

I am as addicted to Tweeting as a sexaholic is to chasing pepa™.  A sex addict wakes up with pepa™ on his mind (and sometimes on his face) while I wake up with fingers glued to my iPhone’s Twitbird.  I don’t brush my teeth first thing in the morning, I Tweet.  I don’t stretch and yawn, I Tweet.  I Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, exposing every rant, every bowel moment, every lovely or somber moment that occurs in my love life.

So what is it about Twitter that leaves me feening? Aside from the obvious egocentricsm of it all, it’s about the trends – the topics buzzed about on Twitter by Tweeties.  That’s why I’m dedicating this new series on to those trends.  It’s either this or Tweet every second of the day, even when crossing the street. And we dont want anything to happen to me, do we? Besides, I’m afraid my Pepitas will block me or click the dreaded unfollow button if I continue this obsession. (Don’t leave me!)

Without further ado, here are my Tweets for the trend #agoodboyfriend:

  • #agoodboyfriend comes over 2 take care of u when ur sick even if theres a high risk of contagion. My bf offered to rub me w/ Vivaporu lol.
  • #agoodboyfriend tells u he wants u to meet his momma and wants to meet urs. “Let’s make it official,” he said. I’m a lucky girl 🙂
  • #agoodboyfriend shaves ur pepa and ass hairs for u. Those hairs at the crack are hard to reach!
  • #agoodboyfriend calls his great girlfriend daily because he loves talking to her and knows texting is not enough.
  • #agoodboyfriend listens when u rant about your friends/coworkers/boss even when he’s heard it already.
  • #agoodboyfriend thinks ur sexy even with the crust in ur eyes.
  • #agoodboyfriend will kiss u with morning breath…on both lips lol.
  • #agoodboyfriend is consistent, loyal, supportive, loving, and just right for u!

That is all, Pepitas! Come back next week for another round of my favorite relationship-related Twitter trends. Also, be sure to add to my list by commenting below.

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