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He Became Facebook Official with Someone Else


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He Became Facebook Official with Someone Else

The first thing that popped up on my timeline was his relationship status announcement.

Fred and I had French class together and I was crazy about him. And I was happily surprised that someone as popular as Fred would want to ask out a quiet girl like me.

“Is it weird that I like you?” he texted me one day after school.

“Of course not, because I like you too!” I replied back, happily, but also confused. Why would it be weird?

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Our relationship flourished as Fred often walked me to class, called me at night and told me all of the cool things he wanted to do together. I was head over heels and felt so wanted — until I signed onto Facebook one day while out at the supermarket with my grandma and mom.

Abuela and Mami were taking forever in the produce aisle, so I opened up the FB app on my phone to pass the time. The first thing that popped up on my timeline was a relationship status announcement:

“Fred Richards is in a relationship with Stephanie Fry.”

My Fred. My heart sank. Physically. It felt like it hit the floor. Clean up on aisle two.

I turned as red as the tomatoes I stood by. How dare he just play me like that? I considered liking his “Facebook official” relationship in rage, but decided not to as I didn’t want to seem crazy. But I was about to lose it. I wanted to scream and throw something – maybe even the tomatoes! Suddenly, my anger turned to sadness. I felt so stupid for believing Fred would ever like someone like me. And I cried.

In that instant, Mami walked up to me and asked what was wrong. Her response when I told her: “He’s an ass, move on and don’t cry in front of your grandmother!”

And she walked away.

So cold, but she was right. Yeah, it sucked being played, but it could have been worse. This could have happened down the line when Fred and I were in a serous, long-term relationship.

Abuela now approached me, and so I wiped my tears and tried to collect myself. “Que paso?!” she asked frantically. Mami quickly stepped in and told her I had bad allergies, to which I agreed.

So, not only had Fred lied to me and pretended he wanted to be with me, but now I was also lying to my grandma. Stupid Fred. Abulea spent the rest of our trip suggesting different allergy medications.

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As for what happened with Fred and his “Facebook official” relationship, I never got the full story. But, I did hear through the grapevine that he and Stephanie broke up because he cheated. As Mami said, he’s an asshole. Dodged a bullet there.

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Christina Cardona is a hopeless romantic and a total Queens girl. Over the years she has realized that mostly all experience is good experience, and there is a lesson in everything. She plans to share her dating faux pas and help women of all ages understand that sometimes life just happens - and that's ok! When she is not persuading others that knows girls can do anything boys can do, you can find her in a yoga class or walking neighborhood dogs.


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