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Sex Experimentation: Are All Young Women Bisexual?

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Sex Experimentation: Are All Young Women Bisexual?

The majority of my daughter’s friends are bisexual? What is going on?

I can count on one thing every day after work – my daughter filling me in on high school gossip. She wasn’t always this open with me, but she is beginning to see me as a “cool mom.” We now dish on girl talk. The content, however, is not exactly what I envisioned.

“So, Steph broke up with Laura, and she totally went to the movies with another girl. Can you believe that?” my daughter shares.

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“Are they lesbians? Aren’t these your good friends?” I ask, slightly confused.

“No, they are bi. Laura cheated with a guy,” my daughter explained. “Everyone is bi and, yeah, they are my friends, so it’s awkward because now everyone is fighting.”

I let it sink it. The majority of her friends are bisexual? I have absolutely no issue with this, so I ask my daughter, “Are you bi?” She tells me no. Still, it leads me to wonder, what is going on? I’ve watched these girls grow up. Now, they’re driving, working and, yes, even dating each other. And it doesn’t stop with my daughter’s group of friends. I go to the mall and see teenage girls holding hands. I wonder if this is a new trend among young women. Are all these young women really bisexual or are they just experimenting?

According to lead researcher Gerulf Rieger from the University of Essex, “Even though the majority of women identify as straight, our research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, they are either bisexual or gay, but never straight.” Lisa Clark, CRNP, counters this research, stating that young girls “are experiencing suggestibility and many of them have never had a sexual encounter with another teenage girl.” So, they may not be bisexual but they are inclined to act on the suggestions of others. This was also very common with teens who are cutters.

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This concept makes a lot of sense. I believe many young women experiment with their sexuality (among other things) to discover who they are. They are figuring out where they fit into the world. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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