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Eskimo Sisters: We Banged the Same Guy

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Eskimo Sisters: We Banged the Same Guy

Can women set aside feelings of jealously and be civil towards their sex sisters?

I discovered I was an Eskimo Sister as I shook hands with my boyfriend’s best girl friend and realized that she was the ex-girlfriend of my high school ex-boyfriend. If you thought that was a tongue twister, imagine what it did to my brain when I attempted to decipher how many genitals within the group had touched my vagina. At first it was incredibly awkward. But then we did the math and realized we were a group of Eskimo Cousins, which resulted in obscene laughter.

Still confused? Please refer to the following diagram to get a better understanding of who banged whom.

eskimo sisters diagram

Got it? Great. So Katie and I are Eskimo Sisters because we share a mutual sex partner named Rob, and quite possibly James as well. My Eskimo Sister Katie absolutely despised me in high school. She dated Rob shortly after Rob and I broke up. Rob and I remained friends which turned Katie into a full blown psychopath. Fast forward 7 years and Katie and I cross paths once again because she’s my new boyfriend James’ best friend. It took me weeks to realize who she was, but she recognized me immediately as she’d plotted my death 7 years prior.

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Shockingly, this time around Katie decided that she loved me. She was eager to reminisce on our awkward past and loved any chance to laugh with me at Rob’s expense. What changed? I’m still a complete stranger to her and I still share a common ex with her. Was she able to let it go because so much time had passed? Am I no longer an evil predator now that her and Rob broke up?

Let’s face it, Eskimo Sisters don’t often share the same camaraderie as their Esko-Bro counterparts. I assume that the term Eskimo Sister originated from a group of frat bros who wanted a snazzy name for their sexual camaraderie. Next thing you know, we’ve got an entire Eskimo family tree! But, can women set aside feelings of jealously and be civil towards their sex sisters? Or, will there always be that evil little voice telling you to spit in her drink when she’s not looking?

Here’s what some women had to say about their Eskimo Sister experiences and perspectives.

“Most of my Eskimo Sisters are close friends of mine and we’re connected through fuck buddies or drunken hook ups. They were never guys I was serious with which is why it never created any issues in our friendships.”

“My best friend hooked up with my ex 2 years after him and I broke up. I no longer had feelings for him and I didn’t want to ruin my best friend’s relationship with unnecessary drama. It didn’t affect our friendship because we don’t hate on each other like that.”

“I slept with my best friend’s hookup buddy a few years after their relationship ended. I never told her because I knew it wouldn’t go over well. Also, it didn’t mean anything to me…it was purely sexual.”

“I slept with this guy shortly after my friend did. It didn’t create any tension because he was a casual fling for the both of us. It was really fun discussing his dick and skills though!”

“I have an Eskimo Sister that I’ve kept secret because she’d de-friend me if she ever found out. Her and the guy never even dated but she was in love with him for years. Him and I drunkely hooked up and promised to keep it a secret because we knew it would tear her apart.“

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It seems time and emotion are the deciding factors to a negative or positive Eskimo Sister relationship. If two girls share an emotional connection with a guy back-to-back, there’s absolutely no hope in camraderie. Hence why my Esko-Sister Katie hated my guts. But, if enough time has passed or if you’re both playing the field, grab a glass of wine and cheers to your newfound sex sistah!

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Melissa is a writer from Long Beach, California who aims to bring out the humor and horror in modern-day dating. She believes there's no sugar-coating romance, and her writing brings out the raw reality of the millennial fight for normalcy in a virtual hook-up generation. When not poking fun at her numerous dating misfortunes, Melissa is often playing volleyball, attending concerts and cooking fantastic meals.


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