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Hot Hombre of the Week: Eric Dane AKA McDreamy

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Hot Hombre of the Week: Eric Dane AKA McDreamy

Who is this weeks Hot Hombre of the week? The hot celebrity TV doctors, McSteamy aka Eric Dane!

Hot Hombre Award of the Week

I’ve been ill the last few days, and so, in honor of my nauseous and pregnant (thought I’m not pregnant) bloat, I decided that this weeks Hot Hombre of the Week award should go to a doctor. A medical genius that can not only give me mouth to mouth but also prescribe me something for my heartburn.

So, who were the hot TV doctors up for consideration? None other than the hottest TV doctors on television…but of course. Here is the full list of nominees:

Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs)
He plays a seriously sexy cardiac doctor on Private Practice and almost made the cut. Unfortunately, women dug Digg a little less than the winner.

McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey)
I was all about McDreamy. His fluffy full hair and Save a Ho complex touches my core! I mean, have you seen my fabulous head of hair? Have you read my posts and how much I love to save hos?! He is Meredith’s savior, and a damn good brain surgeon. Still, he did not make the cut. Though I think those who didn’t vote for him are insane in the membrane! Get it?

Peter Facinelli (Coop)
He irks Nurse Jackie with his arrogance and selfishness, but didn’t move readers enough to vote for him. Sorry, Coop. You’re just not the hottest doctor around!

Reid Scott (Dr. Todd):
Not many know of Reid Scott. Well, I have two words for you: The Big C! Scott plays Dr. Todd, Kathy’s (played by Laura Linney) oncologist. He is tall, dark and handsome, but, apparently, not steamy enough because his balls were removed by Eric Dane! That’s right Eric Dane has received the prestigous award of Hot Hombre of the Week. Let me count the reasons…

  1. Eric Dane has the best rugged facial hair ever.
  2. Eric Dane has intense eyes.
  3. Eric Dane had a sex tape.
  4. Eric Dane married the Noxema girl, and we know she’s bad because she was in Jawbreakers and Urban Legends and Sream 2. She’s a horror movie Queen. You have to be a tough man to handle all of that aaaaah! And Eric Dane, you..are…that…man.
  5. Eric Dane’s nickname on Greys Anatomy is McSteamy. Well, just look at him!


So, Eric Dane. Congrats on winning the 1st Lady of Love’s Hot Hombre of the Week award. You deserve it. And, though I voted for your best friend/arch enemy McDreamy, you would’ve been runner up.

Now, give me my meds!

Who do you think should next weeks Hot Hombre of the Week?

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