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Embarrassing Our Way Into Better Relationships


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Embarrassing Our Way Into Better Relationships

Embarrassing moments don’t have to be terrifying. According to a study women and men who are embarrassed easily have better romantic relationships.

The easily embarrassed are hot commodities.

We’ve all done something embarrassing, like drunk texting a crush or spilling a secret. No one’s perfect! I know I’ve had my share of awkward moments. But all is not lost when we stumble (sometimes literally). It turns out that those red-face moments can lead to better romantic relationships.

A UC Berkeley study found that both men and women who are easily embarrassed are much more monogamous, trustworthy, and generous. You heard it right, smooth operators.

Perpetually embarrassed fellas: 1. Suave and cool dudes: 0.

And it’s not just when dating. Embarrassment is a good personality trait professionally as well. How so? It’s all about teamwork (it makes the dream work!). Those of us who are more susceptible to embarrassment are said to be better business partners and cooperative team members.

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What’s that score again? Oh, now the perpetually embarrassed are up to 2 points. Booya!

I get why those who are easily embarrassed are more trustworthy team members and partners. I also get easily embarrassed. If you are anything like me, you’re afraid to look foolish. So you don’t take as many risks or ruffle as many feathers. You try to be honest because you don’t want to fall on your ass. Luckily, we also have a better chance at a successful romantic relationship.

I think our score just skyrocketed.

Do you find men who are easily embarrassed attractive? Share your thoughts!

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Ani Chakiryan

Ani Chakiryan is a 23-year-old Los Angelina, born and raised. She spends most of her time with her nose in a book, writing shorts stories and baking cupcakes. Follow her delicious tales and treats on Limani Cupcakes.


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