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Do’s and Don’ts for Women When He’s At A Bachelor Party

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Do’s and Don’ts for Women When He’s At A Bachelor Party

Ladies, don’t go crazy because he is going to a bachelor party. Follow these do’s and don’ts for women.

Bachelor parties. They are the rite of passage for men when they are about to get hitched. One of the boys will “plan” the bachelor party. And by plan I mean book a stripper, collect money from attendees for the stripper, and get a hotel room where said stripper does what she does best – strip.

“The old ball and chain isn’t around,” the future grooms’ friends tease.

“Come on! It’s your last night as man!” they push.

Soon, your worst nightmare comes true – your man is locked in a bathroom with a naked chic that isn’t you.

Does it have to be this way? I don’t think so. A bachelor party in Atlantic City or Las Vegas isn’t synonymous with sleazy debauchery or cheating. How do you know if your man is going to be a good boyfriend even when a pair of D-cups are in his face? You don’t. How do you cope and don’t go crazy? I’ll tell you. Here are the do’s and don’ts for women when their man is going to a bachelor party.

Do distract yourself.
If your man is out on the town with his boys and a potential stripper, do the same! Get your girls together and paint the town fuchsia. Take advantage of his time away by enjoying the company of your girls like when you were single.

Don’t stalk his every move on social media.
Social media allows us to check in on people all of the time. Doing so when he is attending a bachelor party will drive you crazy. Keep your social media stalking to a minimum. Yes, you can check in on Instagram or Facebook because I’m sure there will be pictures. But don’t go over board. He may think you don’t trust him.

Do trust your man.
Trusting your significant other is so important. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter where he goes, you’re always going to think he’s doing something wrong. So, the first step is to trust him. You have to believe that he is going to be faithful no matter how many strippers give him a lap dance.

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Don’t show up at his bachelor party.
Showing up at the bachelor party really means you don’t trust him. And don’t disguise it as a surprise. He knows what you’re doing when you end up in the same casino all of a sudden. Do your own thing that night. In a different location.

Do text him sporadically.
Why should you text him but not stalk him on social media? Because you want your boyfriend to remember he has a girlfriend. Check in on him with a text or two throughout the night. Don’t be upset if he doesn’t text you as often as usual. He’s out with his boys. He is celebrating. If the roles were reversed, you would do the same.

Don’t demand he doesn’t go.
This is a big no-no. You don’t want to seem like a controlling woman just because you’re afraid of what might happen at a bachelor party. If you show that you trust him and are confident in your relationship, he’ll go and have innocent fun. He’ll be the man that you know him to be – a good one.

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