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Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook When You Are Just Dating

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Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook When You Are Just Dating

You’re not a couple so you wonder: do I tag him, like his updates or post photos of us? Here are the do’s and don’ts of Facebook when dating a guy.

Facebook Friend
Watch your Facebook habits when just dating a man.

Social media can be a deal breaker in potential relationships. If you like every status update within seconds of him posting, he’ll think you’re watching his every move. Let’s not scare of a good guy by acting like the “overly attached girlfriend” too soon.

So, how do you share the excitement of dating without scaring him off online? With these few handy do’s and don’ts you’ll be a step closer to keeping him around for Valentine’s Day date this year.

Don’t Facebook stalk him.There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off your hot crushes Facebook profile to coworkers and friends. Until you discover that your work pal is his brother’s girlfriend. Now all the details you’ve dished about his profile over morning coffee might just get back to him. Also, on today’s smart phones, a simple scroll can lead you to accidentally liking his profile photo from a year or two ago. Even if you unlike it, he will receive the notification and you’ll get caught red handed.

Do like his status updates and posts. If he posts a quote or shares a funny picture that you like, you can click that “like” button. It will show that you notice him and you have a similar sense of humor. Just don’t like every single post and every single photo he puts up. That’s going to stalker territory.

Don’t go searching through his Facebook photos. We all do it. We look through every album and especially every tagged photo. What’s so bad about that? You may go bonkers if you find a photo of him hugging another girl. Then you click on her profile and stalk her Facebook. It’s a terrible cycle that’s unnecessary because you’re only dating. Looking through every one of his photos will only cause you headaches.

Do post some cute pictures of you and him on a date. You have to be careful when you do this. Ask if he’s okay with it first. Also, if you’ve never been to the bar he’s taking you to, feel free to tag the location. Again, asking is your first step. Or just casually mention, “This is a great photo of you! I’m going to tag you.” If he’s really into you, he’ll have no objections.

Don’t constantly post on his wall. If you both enjoy watching Robby Ayala’s Vine posts, you can post the latest one on his wall with a cute note, like, “Have you seen this one?” Just don’t post long love letters. While you’re at it, don’t write him a love letter as a status update and tag him.

Do wait for him to make it “Facebook official.” You’ve been dating for a while now and you’re excited to link your Facebook profiles for all your friends to see. But you don’t want to rush him. The need to verify your relationship too soon might scare him away. Just go with the flow and wait for him to ask you to link your profiles together so he can show you off to his friends.

Don’t let social media ruin your chances at a great relationship. It’s great to share big moments with your friends on the Internet, but the best moments in a relationship are shared between two individuals. With your post kept at a minimum, you’re sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your boo instead of Single’s Awareness Day.

What Facebook trouble have you gotten into when just dating a man?

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Felisa is a 22-year-old SoCal girl at heart who loves to write almost as much as she loves to talk. Within a year, she went from being in a serious five-year relationship to the single scene, which launched a passion for writing about about love, romance, and the dating scene.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Felisa is a 23-year-old SoCal girl at heart. She loves to write almost as much as she loves to talk, and within a year she went from being in a serious five-year relationship to the single scene. When she's not in school you can usually find Felisa around Phoenix, learning something new about the city and herself.


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