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Does Penis Size Really Matter?


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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Study shows that when it comes to sex size really does matter and women prefer it. As for Latinos, well, they tend to be bigger than most.


I’ve often said that what really matters during sex is the motion in the ocean. And that I’d run into the wilderness if anything close to an anaconda slivered up my skirt. Perhaps my private parts are cowardly. Maybe my kitty kat, vajayjay, or, “pepa,” as I call her endearingly, is extra sensitive. I’m just not that into an overly endowed man.

What about other women? Does size really matter?

Why, yes, it does! Aside from many of my friends who’ve claimed to love a large Johnson, and a particular prima who can talk about huge Wangs all day, a recent study shows that women find men with bigger penises more attractive.

The Study

The study, which was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, asked 105 young Australian women to rate male attractiveness. The women viewed life-size video clips of computer-generated images of naked men. The men varied in body, height, and flaccid penis size only. Qualities like hair and facial features were similar. After viewing the men, the women rated each image from 1 to 7 on total sexual attractiveness.

The conclusion shocked me and my frightened pepa. Overall, the size of a man’s member had a greater influence on attractiveness than any other feature. Regardless of stature, and time and time again, the women chose men with a larger penis size as most attractive. Tall men with a large penis size ranked highest but short men with a large penis size weren’t too far behind.

Point being – it was all about their peckers.

A Case of Evolution or Just Better Orgasms?

So, why do women find well endowed men, even those they’ve never met or bedded, most attractive? It may be based on evolutionary principles. A woman looks at the size of a man’s penis and ooh’s and ah’s because it may indicate how “manly” he is. That is he has a greater ability to produce healthy children. We once walked around naked without shame. Perhaps our cavewoman/ caveman tendencies have stuck?

Or perhaps we “just can’t get no satisfaction’ if his missile isn’t larger than life.

That’s what another study implies. The Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms attribute this to larger penis size. When recalling their past sexual encounters, the women who reported the highest number of vaginal orgasms in the past month said that a longer penis was better. Quite the contrary, when I recall past lovers, I cringe because their larger than life Latino members were killing me!

Ah, Yes! What About Latinos?!

You heard it right – on average, Latinos have larger members than many other races. Though race wasn’t factored into penis size in these studies, I did some digging.

We know that the Latino lover stereotype isn’t actually a stereotype. Women of all races fawn over the Don Juan’s of the world. And guess what’s been concluded? Latino’s rank as the second most well endowed men in the world.

According to a poll by the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, the most endowed men are from the Congo in Africa followed by Ecuadorians and Colombians (both 6.7 inches on average). German men measured in at 5.7 whereas British men came in close proximity with 5.5 inches. What of the romantic French? Average penis size is 5.3 inches. Unfortunately for the continent of Asia, men from South and North Korean came in last, measuring at 4.2 inches.

Now the North Korean missile crisis all makes sense!

So, the verdict is in – it really is the size of the boat and not the motion in the ocean that matters. Anacondas are celebrated by most women, which leaves me and my pepa in the minority. Latino men and their wieners just aren’t for me. It’s okay; there is something for everyone. Maybe I’ll just take a jetplane to the continent of Asia.

Well, maybe not North Korea.

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