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Date Night at Sunset: The Boat Basin in NYC

The Boat Basin NYC
The Boat Basin.

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Date Night at Sunset: The Boat Basin in NYC

With the view of NYC and the Hudson, The Boat Basin may be the best day to night date spot.

While walking down the grassy, dirt road of Riverside Drive in NYC, I wondered where my date was taking me. Here I was in my cute, little, grey Coach shoes walking down this dirt path, ruining my already fading pedicure. What was I getting myself into hanging out in this down-to-earth yet ritzy neighborhood? Would it be another “relive-my-college-days-with-beer-pong” bar; or worse, a snooty spot where some girl would snarl at my crazy, curly hair?

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It was none of these things. My eyes bolted out of my head, and my mouth dropped when I saw this place. The blue and white umbrellas and the Hudson River reminded me that it was indeed summer in the city. The music was loud yet not obnoxious. Various groups of young professionals, college grads, and hipsters mingled and laughed; couples cuddled; and singles sat along the steps enjoying the relaxing view of the dirty yet mesmerizing Hudson River. It was also the perfect spot for my tight jeans, t-shirt and cute shoes, while still being appropriate for the little summer dress and cardigan the girl next to me wore. The Michigan sweatshirt and flip-flops worn by another chica were just as fitting.

Though everyone was crowded around the bar, it was easy to get a drink. Drinks were average price. I had my typical $5 Corona and lime. The bartender was friendly and made my dates $10 Grey Goose and cranberry very strong. He was definitely pleased with his buzz after guzzling down his drink. He was also happy the Yankee game played on a decent sized flat screen, but, like true New Yorkers, neither he nor I were happy with their performance. My Cancerian self, however, was happy to have a choice between the game and observing my beautiful surroundings. I watched the game, looked out at the water and even took a walk with my date, all while drinking my Corona.

Speaking of dates, I was pleased with the choice of venue. The Boat Basin’s impressive view and down-to-earth vibe meant that my date wanted to get to know me better. Whether it was the deep river or the buzz, we were able to laugh, snuggle and really talk.

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Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Boat Basin and will definitely come back throughout the summer. Next time I’ll just make sure to apply an extra coat of clear nail polish on my toes. My shoes will just have to forgive and forget the little trek through the dirt path.

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Irene R.

Irene is a free spirit who gets tied to reality all too often. She uses her city as an escape to find fun and adventure with her friends and her love. Sometimes it happens all at the same time, and that's when things get really crazy.


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