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Creeper Alert! I Smiled & He Basically Wanted to Marry Me

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Creeper Alert! I Smiled & He Basically Wanted to Marry Me

I smiled. I smiled, and he followed me to my car.

I smiled. I smiled, and he followed me to my car.

He wasn’t trying to kill me or anything, but he didn’t get the hint that I had no interest in him – until I unlocked my car, got in the front seat and told him, “I just broke up with my boyfriend. Thanks anyway!”

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And all I did was smile when we met while at the movie theater. It was my job to greet students who came into the theater for film class. He smiled back and skipped into the screening room like a leprechaun on his way to a pot of gold.

After the last of the attendees left, the staff and I cleaned up, locked up the theater and exited through the staff exit. And guess who was there pretending to be on his iPhone? Leprechaun Boy. I kept walking. He took this as an invitation to join me in my walk and began walking beside me, talking about the film he just saw.

“I didn’t pay attention,” I said while looking down at my keys.

We hit the campus sidewalk, which separates the school from the parking lot. I asked him if he was walking home. He pointed off to the far right, claiming his apartment was off in the distance. He then asked me about my job, my personality, my friends, my amazing smile. I knew I had to ditch him. He was planning our wedding.

“What’s your class and work schedule like?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m really busy.” I kept my answers short as he went on and about his life. I looked at my keys now embedded within my knuckles. You know, just in case I needed to punch him and run for safety.

“I’m parked in the far left,” I said, hoping he’d leave me alone and keep walking toward his apartment.

“Oh, I sometimes go around the parking lot. So we are actually on my walking path.” Shit. My keys were so good right about then.

Finally, I was by my car. He asked if I wanted to see him again sometime. Unaware we were on a date, I told him I went through a horrible break up with my longtime boyfriend.

“But thank you for asking.”

“Yeah, you should be.” He had reared his ugly head. I just wanted to get in my car and pull out of my spot. I jumped in and drove off. 

In the eyes of Leprechaun Boy, we went through a courtship, engagement, marriage, and a divorce all in a 15-minute time span. He was pissed at me as if I owed him something. Why do guys always feel disrespected when we reject their advances? I’ll tell you what’s disrespectful: following me to my car when I obviously did not want to talk to him.

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Since that day, I give men a dirty look if they’re even attempting to shower me with unwanted attention. This seems to scare them away. If not, I always have my keys.

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Ashley is a California-based writer with a love for pop culture and all things nature. When she isn't soaking up the California sun, she's writing and working on her newest creative endeavor. A self-proclaimed introvert, she writes about loving yourself as a woman, finding the right person to love all aspects you, and how to cherish all the love that is received from friends and family.


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